Slow updating of B&C blockchain

My B&C Exchange client used to update the blockchain reasonably quickly.

However, my 4.0.1 beta client is 20 days behind, and is updating very slowly (it went briefly to 19 days, before slipping back to 20)

A couple of days ago, I upgraded to version 5.0.1, but the same problem, an agonisingly slow update, that is leaving my client behind

Any ideas on why this is, and what I can do to solve it? Thanks. My computer is Windows XP Professional

your connection number? 8? try to stop client & delete addr.dat and restart

using an empty wallet8.dat could speed up updating by a lot. switch back to your normal wallet8.dat when b-chain is updaated.

I have located the wallet8.dat file, but how do I create a new empty one?

What do I do with th existing one in the meantime?


stop the client, wait for a minute, rename it to another name. Don’t delete it! You lose it then you lose your coins. When the file is renamed , the client will make a new empty one when running.

Only having 6 connections on my peer:

“blocks” : 550067,
“moneysupply” : 187100.5548,
“connections” : 6,

Is it just me? Hope I’m not on a fork.

My full node has 33 connections and is a block 550187.

Block 550067 was 671b1e8da6ea29104f89b5946bac6c59c363f3186bdd05f7c2b6776cf59e6c3e.

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Can confirm the hash, so no fork. Strange that I have only 6 connection, where I had 10-12 a couple of days ago.
Maybe the OS needs a reboot or so. Thanks for your reply.

The maximum connection I ever have is 8.

that’s typical when you are behind NAT and don’t have ports forwarded.

I tried the suggestions regarding wallet8.dat by mhps, and addr.dat by Sabreiib, but there is no improvement

Any suggestions why this slowdown might be happening?

The slowdown is reminiscent of the slowdown in Nu, about six months ago


can you click help->debug and count how many blocks you receive per min?

The dw of the blockchain has frozen on my laptop.

I am redownloading the whole blockchain.

Hi, mhps

I measured this a few days ago, over 21 hours, in two parts:

12am (midnight)
Number of blocks 509827
Estimated total blocks 400 (this figure seemed a blip, previously it read 611170)

Number of blocks 510450
Estimated total blocks 612379

(623 extra blocks over 450 minutes = 1.38 blocks per minute)

Number of blocks 510966
Estimated total blocks 612971

(since 7.30am) (516 extra blocks over 820 minutes = 0.6 blocks per minute)

I did not monitor the number of connections too closely, but recall seeing 1 and 3 connections

There is indeed problem.

Can you try deleting your addr.dat and remove all addnode lines in bcexchange.conf and put these ones in


Please explain how I find bcexchange.conf

I did a freetext search on my C: drive but had no matches - other than a reference to bcexchange.conf within a “read me” txt document, where it says bcexchange.conf is in the “default wallet directory”

Will the “default wallet directory” be on the C: drive, or within the client?


My memory of XP internals is fuzzy. I think the “default wallet directory” is in the appdata dir.

Recently i had a lot of issues on my small laptop.
Very slow and buggy download compared to Nu.

I ran the %APPDATA% command, and it brought up a folder called Application Data

Within that, there is a folder called BCExchange

Within that, there are vvarious files .dat and .log files, plus a folder called Database. Within the Database folder, there are a couple of files called log

But there is no filed called bcexchange.conf - perhaps this is the problem?

I think you have to create the conf file yourself