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Sigmike knows there are lots of decision making, so he quickly released v5.0 so that we can elect some signers to discuss the next step.

Now, it seems there are no developers working on B&C.

Whether Sigmike accept eleven as a developer is unknow, and this issue is also the topic of discussion.

B&C shareholders, waiting for death is meaningless, just move on!

So the question is whether Sigmike considers Eleven a B&C developer and if he will accept his work on the trading functions?

The discussion result between sigmike and signers may be that eleven will be fired or hired.

Ok, I want to clarify something.
First shareholder’s most concern question [quote=“Sentinelrv, post:18, topic:3651”]
how much money&time do you need to finish B&C?

It is hard to estimate. Now we don’t have a clear design, even in the whitepaper it is not clear. Have you guys read the whitepaper, is it clear? I don’t think so. Maybe we should do some research. I saw some good project similiar with B&C. But it need a little bit time to research.

Second, absolutely I don’t aggree with sigmike opinion about I am lack of blockchain technology. I did some project about blockchain for example Huobi wallet, Factom. I know my experience can’t prove all things but can prove something.
Thirdly, I still believe we can do B&C, for now I think our developer need a clear design and have open and uauslly discussion.
Thank you all.


Yeah, situation becomes a bit complicated, but one thing is very clear: we must elect some reputed signers, otherwise nobody will take charge of fund expenditure, hire&fire developers. @Sigmike is the techinical leader, not project manager.

It is very difficult to find very good programmers.
We were lucky to find @Eleven and we are lucky to have him on board willing to work on b&c exchange .

I understand that @sigmike does not agree with @Eleven s implementation.
That is ok.

We just need @sigmike to lead @Eleven .

@sigmike is the new architect.

As @JordanLee used to lead @Eleven, now @sigmike should lead @Eleven .

What do you say @sigmike ?

Another thing is that @sigmike is a co-author of the white paper so he should know well about the next steps.

What are the next steps in the development phase?


So JL had disagreements with sigmike who now also has disagreements with Eleven, and then project stagnates at this final lap.

I agree and think this is all that is needed. We need them to coordinate with each other on what exactly still needs to be done and how.

Furthermore, the dev fund is controlled by JL who has disappeared. So you know the seriouness of situation, that’s why I push the process of signers election.

@cybnate, and other signer applicants, you don’t have to prepare the hardware because what we need now is an organization for decision making. Just bring up your BKS address, and get voted.
You may centainly prepare your hardware after several months.

BKS holders must save ourselves, otherwise no one can help us.

Since Jordan/Phoenix is so big on following NuLaw, I imagine they will also comply with B&CLaw if we pass something that commands them to transfer all development funds to an elected multisig group. Then the group can make developer payments more transparent.


I think so. No one want to make it mess.

In fact, Jordan wanted to transfer to fund to others.
But the first step is to form the team and pass a motion which demonstrates the responsibility of such a team.

Till now, there is only my BKS address provided, and we need more signer applicants.

I think the last team consisted of only @Eleven. @glv’s last work was in April and @erasmospunk’s last work was in February. And I was barely involved when the Nu crisis happened.

Last week I asked @Eleven whether he was still working on B&C and he told me he was on vacation but was now ready to get back to work. I asked him to put the development on hold until we have a proper plan.

@glv and @erasmospunk did pretty good work on Nu and B&C but I don’t think they are available. I still need to review @Eleven’s work on the trading messages to get a better opinion on his work. What he did on the abstention is not satisfying.

It’s very hard to say. It depends on lots of parameters, including who would be working on it and how we actually implement the remaining parts. The trading user interface for example can be done in very different ways that need to be analyzed.

When a block is received from another node you determine whether it’s abstaining by reading the abstention flag of the current node (indirectly, but that’s the end result). In other words if I’m abstaining then I’ll consider that all other blocks are abstaining. The information that a block is abstaining is not even put inside the blockchain.

I only reviewed quickly the trading messages code he wrote, and it didn’t look bad. This code was built on top a an architecture started by @glv. So maybe it could work if I provide @Eleven more detailed instructions on how it should be implemented. But that requires more time from me.

I’m not sure what “co-author” implies. Jordan wrote it and asked me to review it. A made some remarks that made him change some parts.

There are parts that are still not very clear to me, like the trading user interface.

  • reviewing and testing the already implemented trading messages
  • implementing the few messages that have not yet been implemented
  • designing and implementing the signer’s logic
  • designing and implementing the trading user interface

@Sentinelrv could you please move very important messages about current development status into separate thread from this one?

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You mean GUI or API ? If there is a friendly working API for trading the community and for-profit parties will come up with GUIs (web based probably) quickly, and perhaps with better functionalities and quality than the dev team could do in the same time. bitcoin didn’t have a GUI when initially released.

Either. Designing it is also deciding that. I agree the API route would probably be better for us, but it means trading would not be really practical initially.

With a good API it should be feasible to write a sensible client without a lot of trouble. Frontend development is easy to source, it’s you people that are scarce.

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I’m at work. If you can give me an ordered list of the posts that need to be moved I can do it later.

Tks a lot for your answers. Merci bcp.

Do you want to propose a BKC address for reputed signer voting?