Shapeshift iOS app is great!

I tried just now. The only shortcoming is the liquidity not enough if you wanna buy many altcoins.

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I am curious about shapeshift background of how to handle the buy/sell orders, I guess they transfer orders to some traditional exchanges.

For me, this app can replace all exchanges except B&C. LOL


I wonder why they didn’t go Android also.

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Maybe because they are aware that Nu is already paying for an Android wallet that is capable of using :wink:

No seriously, the Android wallet will be great (I hope) for exchanging back and forth between NBT and other crypto currencies that are supported by
But exchanging BTC to PPC would need to be changed from BTC to NBT and from NBT to PPC with that wallet.

I can’t say that this is bad for Nu, though :smiley:

Or maybe the same reason why we don’t have an NuBits iOS wallet yet. Have to admit I like MoDs explanation better.

iPhone users may provide more profitability than android. BTW, developing app for various android devices with various screen size is time consuming.

Can you provide a source for this? I thought android apps are scalable since 2.1 or so.
Did you experience any problems when making the plunge app, @woolly_sammoth?

Plunge was a bit different in that it isn’t a true, native android app. It uses the Python4Android project to compile the same Python code used in the desktop version to an apk. Cheating really but does mean that the same code can run anywhere.

Android testing used to be like

it surely got better now, but still far from perfect. Indeed, as I type @MatthewLM is working on a fix for the NuBits android app that seems to be related to some lollipop upgrade