Shapeshift down for a few days

In case you have not noticed, but has been hacked and the site is down.

The good part is that due to the architecture no-one lost their funds. Shapeshift lost their hot wallets though.
For the NuDroid users it means that you can’t use Shapeshift, and with that the seamless Bitcoin conversion for the next few days. You can still transfer USNBT to other exchanges to have them converted to what you need though. Just not that convenient.

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Centralized and single point of failure exchange. I hope B&C will solve this once and for all!

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They’re back:

If no one lost any money then trust will be back as with bitstamp.

I don’t think they are. Just for the BTC/ETH pair, but not for anything else I believe.

You’re right. I didn’t check that before, but now did.