ShapeShift CEO Eric Voorhees praises NuBits in revised stance of altcoins

Full Quote:

“Good examples are things like Nubits, BitUSD, or Tether. All three of these track the value of the [US] dollar, and that is something fundamentally different that Bitcoin does not and cannot do. And so, there is a certain value there.”

It looks like this was said back in March, but I didn’t hear about it. Nice to see some press on it.

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Yet when I tried to convert NBT to BTC 10 minutes ago using shapeshift, they didn’t provide me service as the UI stated that the maximum amount of NBT they would accept was 0.0.

Beorn = Eric

This was in October last year.



Well see my post here.

He’s been the only prominent Bitcoin figure to somewhat regularly mention NuBits, and it’s always been a positive mention. Our development team has always been really responsive with @ShapeShift_io if they needed anything. Hopefully we continue to get more people speaking out not only about the viability of our project, but the team that has developed it, and the other community directed projects that our system can sustain (NuDroid, TLLP’s).

There’s a whole lot of room for growth, and unlike other DAOs we have something stable to build off of.