Save Nu with B&C's revenue

In a long term, B&C need a USD token, anyway NBT is our “own man”, while other products from other communities (bitUSD, Tethe) are alien to us. And NBT needs B&C too.

The weakness of Nu is lack of decent revenue, so I suggest B&C gives out a portion of revenue to Nu until Nu rebuild the peg. And 40% BKS held in Nushareholders, so if some sole BKS holders like me agree, Nu may recover from this crisis.

We can pass a motion that B&C gives out 30-50% revenue to Nu to recover, if you Nushareholders like this idea, don’t be hesitate and just download newest B&C version and vote!

After Nu rebuild the peg at 1$, B&C can also provide some small revenue(10%) to pay the service of NBT on B&C platform.

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If Nu can take 0.1% from a 400k daily volume, the 700k debt can be paid back in 5 years. But I still suggest using a different token than NBT. It’s a pretty steep slope from this point, but it doesn’t have to happen immediately; as long as there’s a pathway to that, I think NSR and NBT should be able to recover quickly.

Quickly? If B&C succeeds with 1000$ revenue every day, we can pay 500$ to Nu at a buy wall of 1$=1NBT, it takes almost 4 years to pay off Nu’s debts.

Thanks for Nu playboy’s luxurious life in the past 2 years, 700,000$ debt!

Yes. Paying back debts and investment from profits can takes ages, but it only takes a few quarterly reports, growth projections and long term prospects to give people faith.