Running multiple instances of Nu concurrently?

Just wondering whether it is possible to run multiple instances of NU concurrently. Not of the same wallet, but with different wallets. E.g I have been given the keys from someone else’s wallet and I like to run it at the same time as mine on the same computer.

Is it just a matter of creating another instance of Nu and changing the ports, or does it require a modified client due to the ports it is communicating on? I’ve been fiddling with it without success. Anyone who has it working and like to share?

I think you also need different data directories, including another copy of the blockchain, because each nud/nu-qt instance locks its blockchain. So try to specify a different datadir parameter, in addition to a different port, for each instance.

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or else you may use a VM :wink:

Tried that, it keeps complaning that port 7890 is in use. Tried to add a line in the config e.g. port=7892, but that doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

That is what I’m using now, not very practical and resource friendly though. I hoped for a better solution.

You need a different datadir that you provide with -datadir=/full/path and either in nu.conf in this datadir or as parameters you must also provide a different port and rpcport (unless you run the GUI without RPC server). At least one port above the rpcport must be available (for the NBT RPC port).

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Adding the port=7892 in the config didn’t work, but adding it to the path did work.

Here is what works for me:
Wallet 1
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nu\nu.exe" -datadir=f:\appdata\roaming\Nu -port=7890

Wallet 2
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nu\nu.exe" -datadir=f:\appdata\roaming\Nu2 -port=7892

Each wallet has its own folder, you end up with downloading and syncing the blockchain twice but it works.
I also made sure the rpcport in the config files are different (14001 and 14003).

That’s weird, I do it often and it works fine.