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@Ben, thanks for that link to the API. I’ll be having a read through to see what can be done.

@masterOfDisaster, I’m all for desrever’s suggestion of a bounty program. I’m having bits of ideas all the time and, you’re right, I’m hooked on Nu. I must say too that the Nu community is a generous one. I received several donations to the NuBippy address so thanks to everyone who did that.

I’m thinking around the idea of a ‘Shareholder’ client, I think there’s a few things that could be useful. I will probably stick with Python and Kivy (as used with NuBippy) as it’s what I know and can also be coss compiled for all operatingsystems including Android and iOS. I think it would be quite cool to have a mobile client that can update with motions and proposals on the move. Just need to iron out some of the finer points of the architecture and then I’ll knock up a prototype to see what people think. Watch this space…

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In case people wonder what you can do with RSS feeds:

I’m using to have a dashboard with headlines for the latest news headlines with tabs for crypto, other financial websites and local news. Part of my crypto tab now looks like this after adding the new RSS feed:

The latest NuBits and Peercoin headlines (posts) in one view. Click on it and you are linked to the thread. Awesome, isn’t it?

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I had a read through the API documentation provided by @Ben. There is a bit of a security hole in it at the moment. The only API key that can be generated is a ‘master’ one which seems to have Super-Admin privileges. Seems a bit risky to create an app that has those sorts of permissions when all I want to do is post to the forum occasionally.
The API is in line for updating though so hopefully a less risky way of interacting with it will come. Until then I’ll leave out the re-posting of correctly formatted motions and proposals back here.

I do like the idea of using reddit posts and tweets as a data-store though. My current thinking is to scrape this forum using the json interface, identify motions and proposals (somehow), reformat them into a standard format and then post to reddit / tweet them.
It’s something to get started with anyway.

@woolly_sammoth - We could also write our own Discourse plugins to do it. The RSS feed permissions limiting could be handled in one plugin, and we could add a second plugin that introduces a new type of input form with extra metadata that is used to identify a new class of posts called “proposal”.


Good suggestion @Ben. I’ll have a read up on creating plugins.

It looks like the RSS feed is stuck. It still display old threads under Latest.rss.
Some process stalled? Hope someone can make it work again as I like it.

I’m not seeing anything at all under, which is strange. I’ll take a look in the settings and in the latest release notes for Discourse to see if something changed behind the scenes.

Update: still works, so it’s isolated to .rss feeds.

I checked and I’m not seeing anything too. Was just looking at the cache before. Weird that it is only the RSS feed!

Great, the recent site update made the RSS feed working again. At least for now, hope it stays. Makes life easier to me.