[resolved] ccedk nbt/btc & nbt/ppc (10-jan)


I have been tracking unusual trading patterns over the past 36 hours. It is not clear yet if the trades that I have been watching are valid organic trades, bot-related, exchange-related, or something else. Until I am satisfied that shareholders’ interests are secure I have taken both markets’ bots offline and have cancelled any open orders.

There is no ETA yet for when these markets will be returned to service but it is my intent to have them back online as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



We still have 181k on the buy side and 230k on the sell side in terms of liquidity overall.
So that means that the liquidity at CCEDK represents only a portion of the overall liquidity.
In any case, the more custodians the better it it is.

Can there be more transparency as why the wall is taken off? Is there any progress? Was it because these NBT/crypto pairs are bleeding valuation of holdings?

I can speak for the technical side.

  • There was a bug in the tool used to report trade history. We provided to custodians a tool to access their trade history. Today we have found out that we have been parsing the wrong parameter to interpret wether an order was a BUY or a SELL on CCEDK.

This is an example of raw response from CCEDK :


We have been using the “type” field, where we should have used the “is_seller” field. The first field must be used while looking a public trade data, the latter when looking at one’s order history. It took a while to spot, thanks to @Ben @woolly_sammoth and collaboration of @ronny .

This has not caused any losses, just some headaches reading the data.

  • This morning we had a meeting with CCEDK engineers to talk about their “once” parameter, that so far caused some troubles. They use a dynamic time-window to accept a valid HTTP request. This morning we asked to change it for a temporary fixed-width window and they are working on it. We likely see it in production on Friday. In the meantime we also pointed out that they should move towards a more traditional incremental and unique “once”.

Sorry if we have not been prompt enough in the response, but it was not possible to do that over the weekend.

I hope you understand we are committed to make everything smooth ;).


Thank you desrever, glad to hear it wasn’t anything too serious.

Thanks for the explanation, desrever.

13-JAN Update:

I have been given the signal to deploy an updated NuBot to CCEDK. If I experience anything of note I will inform you here otherwise liquidity information will begin to be reported from the supported markets.

Shareholders, thank you for your patience and I applaud the NuBot team and CCEDK for their prompt attention and effort over the last days.


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All four of my supported CCEDK markets (NBT/USD, NBT/BTC, NBT/PPC, and NBT/EUR) have been reactivated.



Any chance to get some btc to nbt/Btc pair and get bot back up on nbt/ppc on ccedk? Completely out re Btc and bot not running on ppc

There hasn’t been any buy side bot liquidity on PPC/NBT on CCEDK for several days.