The current NBT/USD "rate" is 0.9 because CMC uses the wrong data

CCEDK’s bost were shut down.

We need a real time chart tool in which we can specify which market we include otherwise we display unreliable information such as:


Am i correct?

EDIT: Typo

Apparently NBT/BTC is the culprit.

And NBT/PPC. uses weighted averages of the various trading pairs where the weighting is determined by the volume in the last 24 hours. KTm intentionally pulled NuBot support from the CCEDK NBT/BTC and NBT/PPC pairs as cited in the original post. Because those two pairs received a lot of volume in the past 24 hours, their as now unsupported pricing carries heavy weight, even though no one is really trading those pairs after NuBot support was withdrawn.

The bottom line is that the peg is still supported on several exchanges with 180,000 NBT of buy side price support, and actual trades are still centered on $1.00.


unfortunatelly, people check coinmarketcap to see the vslues and believe it. they don’t care about any technical reason behind a value, they think it is the correct one

In other words, CCEDK is not significant right now for pricing NBT since the volume is very thin relatively to other other markets.

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This is annoying - coinmarketcap should weight according the real time trading volumes.
Last 24h is too gross a time frame.
@cryptog Can you contact coinmarketcap (twitter perhaps) and indicate them the issue? this is important/crucial? for Nu to manifest a constant stability.

I m not sure if it is necessary although annoying.
It is obvious that every trader would go to to buy and sell NBT.
We should get our own real time charts and I think this is in the works.

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NuShare perceived value gets down.

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Well, maybe we should avoid opening threads with sensationalistic titles, and it will help keeping shareholders focused vs. alarmed with no reason.

The glitch was due to CMC pricing miscalculation using 24h volume as weight, and is now back to normal.

I suggest editing the title of the topic with “[…] because CMC uses the wrong data” .

I invite once again to stop considering CMC as the only place where things happen. To see NSR value growing starring at CMC wont help. Take one of the several side projects that are needed at the moment, and help making it happen. Wish we can see more spontaneous projects like what @Raythma did recently


Is it a glitch or the method they use to compute the current price?
Anyway I have edited the title as you requested. Sorry for the delay.