[Reporting] Single sided NBT gateway on HitBTC

As per the following motion:

The gateway is operational.
NBT may be deposited to:


I will do accounting weekly.

FYI for FLOT members.
@masterOfDisaster @mhps @dysconnect @jooize


Is there a reason that you use a different address from that used for the custodial grant? If you own BEfKNxhQRVGAozMGUNkk6Wg6bcke2SE5Dm it would be good practice to sign the address B4oM15rkhXYQcUe9RVPcWE7c8fbSQn4h1X.

BEfxxx is on the server (reporting liquidity) while B4oxxx is on the exchange (owned by hitBTC). It’s standard practice.


I don’t see an NBT amount specified in the grant.

  • The total volume in the last 90 days seems to be 662 NBT, which gives something like 52 NBT weekly, not very helpful.
  • Based on the per-week premium of 11.7 NBT perhaps selling 1000 NBT per week would be reasonable. Whether it can really be all sold is an other issue that should have been discussed in the motion (well, I’m not one to complain)

So FLOT, should we send 1000 NBT?

FYI I am not a member of NBT FLOT subgroup. @ttutdxh @woodstockmerkle are.

I have to travel. I will not be available to monitor this for a while.
No funds have been deposited.

Please do not deposit until I respond that I have returned.