Report of Lost Funds 2017

These events of history have been frequently misrepresented. I’ve written this summary as reference.

Personal wallets containing over 200 million NSR were reported compromised in March 2017. Shareholders agreed by adopting release v3.0.1ban2 to block the remaining 119,424,095 NSR from transfer. A grant to reimburse the shareholder with 224,669,631.2176 NSR is currently being voted for. Resulting dilution assuming correctness and passing of the grant is 105,245,536 NSR.

237 million NSR belonging to B&C Exchange and additional personal funds of @Phoenix were reported stolen in April 2017. Shareholders agreed to block the addresses where 75,524,661 NSR remain of B&C Exchange’s funds. A grant for 92,917,959 NSR was passed. The B&C Exchange NuShares are planned to be restored to a multisig address. Nu is currently purchasing equity in B&C Exchange, making it reasonable to expect its cooperation.

200–300 million NSR of Nu shareholder funds was by @Phoenix reported stolen in June 2017. All remaining shareholder funds in their custody were transferred to another trusted agent of Nu.