"Removed because it’s not a sincere post, but one made in spite."

Continuing the discussion from ConfusedObserver's removed posts:

I think this instance of censorship needs to be exposed and discussed. @jooize is acting as the thought police while forum members are having a conversation about responsibilities of Nu. I think @jooize is taking this too personally.


Comment to jooize from me regarding this post removal:

what about creating another forum?

That would be a dramatic move and I do not think there are enough unique forum participants to warrant it.

I had always heard the horror tales of people having their accounts hacked. I always thought it was one of those things that happened to old grannies who didn’t know the difference between a real PayPal email and one of those ones that asks for all your bank details. But, I’m probably what you would call “moderate to very experienced” on the internet and it still happened to me.

I had the same passwords across many accounts. This is a massive error.

I panicked and it made everything so much worse