Reminder Threads About the B&C Auction Deadline are Now LIVE on Reddit. Please Post a Supportive Comment in the 3 Threads

The threads are now LIVE! Go to it guys! :smile:

There’s currently less than 4 days left to place a bid in the B&C auction. Because of this, I want to post several reminder threads on Reddit, particularly r/peercoin, r/cryptocurrency and r/bitcoin. This will create some last minute attention for the auction and urgency to place bids before it ends. Rather than posting the threads now though, I want to give everyone advance notice, including a date and time. If I just posted them now, the threads would soon slip off the front page. This organized approach will hopefully lead to more shareholder support in these threads, including increasing the time that the threads stay at the top of the page.

I need to know if I’ll have your support in pushing these threads. This means I’d like all of you to write up a comment in advance with your thoughts on B&C and post it in this thread. When the threads go live, post this same comment to all the threads to show your support. Even though I think the auction has probably gotten enough bids by now, I don’t know this for sure. If not and the auction fails, I’m sure the exchange will receive funding some other way, but NuShareholders would NO LONGER benefit, nor would they control B&C. This is our final chance to make sure as many people know about it as possible. Will I have your support? If so, please write a supportive comment ahead of time and post it in this thread. Doing this will allow me to gauge how much participation we’ll get.

I will edit this thread Monday morning 05/11/15 at 2:00 PM UTC with links to the threads. That’s 10:00 AM EST for anybody in my time zone. I hope we get a lot of support for this. We need more community driven marketing like this in order to be successful.


I’ll give it a go:
“B&C exchange is going to be an important benchmark for decentralized exchanges. The beginning of this year made it pretty clear that centralized exchanges are stuck in the same paradigm that fiat is: one where you have to decide which dubious character to trust. Trustless and decentralized services are only going to become more important with time, and this auction is a great way to get in on the ground floor.”

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I went ahead and decided on a time. I will edit the original post on Sunday morning 05/10/15 at 2:00 PM UTC with links to the threads. That’s 10:00 AM EST for anybody in my time zone. Please post the comments you’re going to use in this thread to help keep it bumped, so everybody knows about this.

Edit: Moved to Monday.

I was expecting a lot more replies, but the forum seems dead in general because of the weekend, so I’m going to postpone this until Monday morning, same time: 05/11/15 at 2:00 PM UTC. Hopefully that will leave enough time for people to know about this, yet leave enough time (less than 2 days) to check out B&C. Over the next day though, please post a comment you want to use on Monday. It’s the only way I can know how much participation I’ll get in this.

Who else can I count on? Will anybody else here help me besides Nagalism? Do I have to remind you what’s at stake if this auction fails? This final push will help ensure it gets the attention it needs. Who else will help? Please post in this thread.

B&C has the potential of a game changer. Centralized exchanges are often opaquely owned by anonymous people, have all users’ fund stored in stealable places, and could disappear or be shutdown overnight. MtGox-type of event could happen to any of existing exchanges and there is little the users could do about it.

All those who don’t trust their money to centralized exchanges will love to have almost automated exchanges. B&C with Nubits liquidity operation will offer decentralized , almost trustless, and liquid service on many pairs of cryptocurrencies.

A baseline volume is almost guaranteed given how much the crypto community like to trade and how often it is burned by centralized exchange accidents. Blockshares have reasonablly good earning prospect.

Well, I’m only mobile phone at the moment.
This is one reason why I’m not writing a long post now.
Another reason is that I’m rather going to join a discussion than copying something that I already prepared today.

If I did prepare something today it would likeky center around “B&C Exchange” and “Mercury Exchange” being the future of exchanges.
There have been enough exchange defaults and thefts in the past to create a big desire for decentralized, trustless (or low trust) exchanges.
Just look at the number of views of the B&C announcement at bitcointalk (Mercury had an inpressive amount of views since February, but was surpassed in views by B&C in 3 weeks)!

Potential benefit of Mercury (compared to B&C / existing exchanges; once transaction malleability of traded coins is erdicated):

  • zero fee model
  • effectively zero trust for exchange partners.

Drawbacks of Mercury

  • the central order book
  • less convenience
  • you need access to block chains of the coins you want to trade
  • you need to be online to trade (and can’t place orders and turn off the computer

Benefits of B&C

  • only minimum of trust due to multi-signature transactions required
  • no central instance by design; all is decentralized (exchange websites will offer convenient access to the block chain, but anybody can host such a website!)
  • convenient
  • exchange websites providing easy access to trading
  • no access to block chains required to trade
  • you don’t need to leave your computer on after you have successfully placed an order
  • and maybe most important: supported by Nu to have a pegged currency with deep liquidity available at B&C!

Drawbacks of B&C

  • a minimum of trust is required - even with multi-signature transactions

So what I can announce today is that I’m going to be active tomorrow in that thread if nothing stops me from that :wink:
…I can hardly be stopped from writing “mobile phone behemoth” posts! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the replies guys. This will go down in about 10 hours. Anyone else want to participate?

I will be traveling in the next 16 hours. Might be able t o get online at airport.

I just pounded out a large post on the bitcointalk thread. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a presence on Reddit, but I’ll be sure to contribute to the discussion there as well. Standing by for kick-off…

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That is one well-written statement on the bitcointalk thread.
Looking forward to seeing your replies on reddit later!
…but tell me: what is “presence” at reddit?
I think it’s the content and the style of posts that matter!
Seeing it this way you shouldn’t doubt your presence :wink:

Wow, amazing post! I hope to see it on the Reddit threads as well! :smile:

Here is the Reddit title I’ll be using. I wanted to put emphasis on the auction deadline approaching and the ability to earn Bitcoin dividends…

“The Auction Deadline for B&C Decentralized Exchange is in Less Than 2 Days. Earn Bitcoin Dividends by Helping to Provide this Urgently Needed Blockchain Service as a B&C Shareholder.”

My vision for b&c is that if it is successful, b&c will become the first decentralized stocks market place in the world.
Imagine the revolution.
On b&c not only btc and other crypto-currencies will be traded but also any crypto-assets that are "Satoshi-based."
I have of course in mind all the crypto-shares that are based on peershares’ blueprint.
Not only we can imagine that nushares will be traded on b&c, but also its own shares, b&c shares, and any shares that belong to any DAOs.
The consequence of that is that b&c could spark a revolution in the IPO funding of any business.
A business that needs to raise funds will create its own peershares blockchain and then go IPO from day one and float its shares on b&c.
Also, as jordan lee envisions it, it seems natural that nubits will be used to get in and out of the market…as a synthetic dollar as you use dollars to buy google stocks and sell them for dollars…

Last but not least, the dividends are rewarded in bitcoins.

The near future is bright.

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It’s lengthy.

Ha ha, good point. I guess I meant I just had to look up whether I still have an active Reddit account for posting. It’s a different name, but at least it’s got some age. I don’t want to appear like a spamming bot!

Ok, 1 hour countdown.

@ronny Ronny, please don’t do that. This is why we have a countdown. You didn’t even say it was a decentralized exchange in the title. Now what am I supposed to do on r/cryptocurrency now that your post is there. Can you please delete it so I can post Nu’s version? You can include the same comment in my thread.

ok really sorry, should I delete my twitter messages also?

It’s ok. I just want to make sure the messaging in the title was right, even if it’s a little long. Thanks for deleting it.