Recent hit piece and forum censorship

Recently this article was posted and I was able to make a rebuttal but the post was immediately deleted.

This article is a hit piece, not only is the writing poor but there was no research done. Clearly the author does not know the difference between primary and secondary sources or more likely simply does not care. The author never contacted us, misreports the details of what happened and fabricates the amount lost.

The article is almost certainly has CCEDK hands all over it since they were they only ones questioned, and apparently they even got to go back and correct what they said.

To be very clear, CCEDK is not working with us behind the scenes as @tomjoad keeps insisting. When we went to them they met us with immediately with disrespect and complete resistance. At the same time many other exchanges and service operators reached out to us and offered assistance.

CCEDK reasoning was they believed an email from a suspected thief that admitted to wrong doing because it also made flattering comments about their exchange. That was all it took for them to believe a suspect over a respected exchange (who happened to be major competition). They have also been completely opaque weather their exchange was used to liquidate the stolen coins.

Despite CCEDKs best efforts to make this difficult as possible we were able to find the identity of the suspected thief thanks to the efforts of responsible cryptocurrency community leaders and we are now working with authorities to bring the suspect to justice.

I will leave this up in hopes you will cool off and delete it on your own. I made a request to both you and Ronny to discuss things in private for 72 hours, at which point you would both be allowed to make a statement of facts. You have both already been warned about continuing to argue on the Nu forum. It is disappointing you are ignoring our polite requests.

“Censorship” is not at play at all. To put it bluntly, I am concerned about shareholder funds being recovered, and maintaining civil discourse on our forum so that shareholders can focus on the things that are critical right now, such as Jordan’s motion and open-sourcing.

I have also never suggested anything about cooperation happening as a fact, only that I hoped it was occurring.