Real Revenue for Nu, B&C. Changetip, change the ecosystem on internet!

Has anyone tried this Chrome extension?There is another extension called"Do They Accept Bitcoin?"

If websites force users to tip them on the content provided, the ads mode will be in danger.

How would we get websites to change the way they’re paid for their content and move away from the ads model? Seems like a pretty big task.

Yeah, big task and big deal!

We must find out that advantage of ditectly payment from customers. I’ve gathered several

  1. Customers don’t have to pay monthly fee, just pay for what they wanna specific, eg just a single music, single article.

  2. The website pages may become more neat by gitting rid of ads.

  3. Cryptopayment is also an effcient way to anti spam when customers posting threads on forum, customers experience may improve a lot by erasing the anti-spam procedure.

  4. Website may reduce the expenditure on DDoS anit-attacking software and hardware, if they charge small fee on every request from customers.

  5. Quite some ad companies collect customers information even private, big data is big brother, if get rid of ad companies, customers protected better.

If the first websites taste the cockie and get advanatge, others competitors will follow.

Users don’t like to pay for that! Instead they will use an ad blocker :wink:

I like directly pay for content consumption because quite bothered by those ad, anti-spam procedure.

Personally, i would pay in order to have a decentralized, non-isp, uncensored internet!