Quiz: How about making BKC anti-inflation

Within months, B&C exchange will begin to operate and we start to sell BKC @1 USD price.

We can also gradually raise the BKC price, such as 1.1$@2016, 1.2$@2018, 1.3$@2020 according to real world USD infaltion rate. Of course we decrease BKC price if deflation occurs.

Till now, We have NO guarantee on BKC pegging, our selling price is just a guiding price. This can be easily execuated by motion vote where BKS holders vote to sell some quantity of BKC and its price.

If we keep BKC always at 1$ sale price, when years pass, our transation fee on B&C exchange based on blocksize(eg 0.01 BKS per 1KB) will decrease. We can either raise the nominal fee plus keeping BKC=1$ or keep nominal fee stable while lifting BKC sale price.

Seems no one interested in my thread, let’s brainstorm further.

A win-win situation for both B&C and Nu.

B&C begins to provide the BKC pegging to USD with anti-inflation, B&C pay the bill of hiring LPC who demand high rewards by spending B&C business revenue, and NBT pegged to BKC,thus Nu can dramatically decrease the expenditure.

good or bad idea?

This is from official website of Nu, so when NBT pegging in danger, we rely on speculators by giving them more NBT? An old chinese saying:

quench a thirst with poison;—饮鸩止渴

We need business which gives us real revenue. If B&C exchange business goes smooth, the burning of BKC is always going on, day by day, minute by minute, if no extra BKC issued, the existing BKC will be used up. Combing with BKC issuing mechanism, this is a much healthier way to control currency supply.

In future, we can also provide BCmessage and anti spam-DDoS service to charge fee(Burning BKC).

I’m sorry, you may not like my response.

This is very all over the place. First of all, the concept of park rates producing infinite interest rates is well understood as an extreme consequence of Nu being bankrupt beyond the marketcap of nsr; in other words, we are no where near this possibility and likely won’t be for years if ever. That said, of course economic downturn looks like high interest rates, as it does for every vast economic system with control over supply and demand.

As far as pegging bkc to nbt, we have to understand that that is a coupling of the two economies and that without a large spread we are uniting the costs and gains as one (lacking a method of price feeding). We should never expect bkc to grow beyond $1 (b&c is selling for $1) so what exactly does Nu gain from pegging 1 nbt = 1 bkc? It seems like all Nu can do is lose in that deal.

If we’re talking burns, that’s another story. For pegs, however, nsr holders should think long and hard before rewarding liquidity providers for buying bkc at a price of 0.995 nbt or whatever.

Lastly, I love your anti-spam concept. You’d do better to put it in its own thread and bump the discussion occasionally than to relate it to conversations that are only marginally related to it.

Anti spam DDoS is a very big business, that’s my next focus.

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NBT parking can be a very nice way to create anti spam (proof-of-park) which can cost less than BKC burning while still allowing effective anti spam function:

Attacker may retrieve their packed NBT after disturbing honest customers.Of course if they have to park for 30 years, that means burning.

I will build up a 100$ barrier to stop spam email, if you really wanna send me an email, and I confirm that you are honest, can return 100$ to you after reading your email. Or famous Facebook/twitter accounts may charge 1$ per month to each follower and show off how many fans and how much revenue they can earn. No zombie fans at all!

and github website can fuXX those DDoS attackers from some countries or entities for freedom.


You know what I mean :sunglasses:

OK, some people may hire IT expert hackers and control miilions of zombie PC to start a DDoS attack, Well, plz pay 0.001BTC or 0.1NBT for every visit to Github. DDoS attack is wellcomed.