Action: Coin vote on Cryptsy

We were talking about a coin vote happening on in this thread: NuBits and

There was none, but there is now.

Anyone willing to participate:

go to

  1. you have one free vote per account
  2. every following vote costs 0.0002 BTC, just send the amount you desire (in BTC!) to the address below

The BTC vote address to list NBT on Cryptsy is 1DDGVuqGgzz4VVqUvu23odt31eEnfBVMYJ

Top 1 currently has 16008 valid votes which would equal 3.2016 BTC or ~ 1150 USD/NBT.

You can also spend Cryptsy Points if you have some lying around…

I’ve also contacted them to list NSR on this voting page aswell.

P.S.: Would those kind of actions (spreading NBT/NSR acceptance) be eligible for some kind of promo custodian? Granting a custodian X NBT to vote X on a coin vote Y?
I’m not saying I would put this on vote immediately, I’m just wondering. I’ve read about something like this a few weeks ago, but I can’t seem to find it.

Edit: @desrever ay ay

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Great, submitting votes right now. In the meantime , I suggest you swap the order of your message , I had to read through all the old conversation to find out =)

TL;DR : need votes to compete with other coins.

please throw bitcoins @ 1DDGVuqGgzz4VVqUvu23odt31eEnfBVMYJ

nbt and nsr should not need any vote.
cryptsy should add them since they are the future!
one of its kind

From the first day of cryptsy I’m trading there. Voting now.

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The Cryptsy wallet manager reached out to our team some time ago, but I’m not sure what happened with that discussion. Perhaps a Nu dev/QA team member can shed some light on it.

Voted and threw some BTC at it through my own account. In top 20 now.

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please vote to see NBT on cryptsy. Invest some BTC today and get returns in dividends later.

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I wish I could trust Cryptsy, but anecdotal and personal experience leads me to the conclusion that they are always on the knife-edge between success and goxxing their customers.

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Anything in particular you can share with the community? Their liquid USD operations are an attractive target for getting a sizable NBT/USD custodian operation running.

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I was once able to withdraw my entire balance of coins twice, leading to a negative balance. That was my biggest trouble.

nice feature!


:wink: It was neat, but I wanted to continue using my Cryptsy account and it was frozen until I ‘paid them back’ (which I did).

What is the requirement to get implemented?
When does voting period end?

My experience with cryptsy has been fine in the last year.

I think there is no fixed ending… As far as I understood it, they implement whatever is top 1 when they have the resources.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue with the vote. btc38 and bter are phasing out the vote-to-list mechanism.