Proposal for NBT/BTC dual-side liquidity provider on next NBT exchange

Hello, everyone.

I am from peercoin community. I feel little bit disappointed about peercoin community’s conservative attitude and slowness of action.

I am excited to read @Sabreiib and @Benjamin 's post about how to improve Nu, I think we are close to real solution now. @JordanLee 's post also imply that he is open to suggestions and will act quickly. I am so confident about Nu’s future.

I am not a technical guy who can code, but I can provide LPC service. So I just copied @desrever 's proposal, I hope he doesn’t mind.

This is a proposal to provide dual-side liquidity for the BTC/NBT pair on the next NBT exchange. I propose to act as Liquidity Provider on next NBT exchange.

Address : B5viA2YWcoLBvT8TWJywasQyAT9xkwhmWc
Amount : 1 NBT

If elected, I will deposit a BTC equivalent of 20,000 NBT to next NBT exchange and operate NuBot in dual side mode. Under this proposal, I will let the funds trade between the buy and sell side of the BTC/NBT currency pair for a period of 30 days, starting as soon as possible after the election.

In exchange for this service, I demand the 1 MIL NSR bonus proposed by @JordanLee .

Thank you.

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Hi @henry. Glad you are interested in becoming a custodian! Could you share a little bit more about yourself, including what user names you use in different online communities?

I have accounts on and But those accounts have information linked to my real identity, because I was not so careful about anonymity in early days. Nu is a new central bank, which will be more dangerous to traditional regimes, I expressed my concern here:

So, Sorry, I can’t provide more information about myself. But what I propose is to operate first get paid next. I can run away with only 1 NBT.

I appreciate your understanding.

We had another similar proposal not making it recently, probably because the community did not have enough trust. Of course you are free to try again, but I would recommend to have some people vouching for you when you want to have a chance. Just my opinion.

Thank you for your advice @Cybnate. Yes, Just a try, Let the votes speak.

I copied @Chronos text, no need to ask =)

Do you have a position as nu shareholder? Any interest in seeing this project succeeding?

Thank you @desrever , I own more than 8 million NSR. I am not sure about the risk to tell and prove everyone which address I own. Is there anyway to prove it without telling everyone the address? I can publish them and transfer NSR to an exchange and withdraw to an new address, but my minting will stop, and I will lost some interests. Any suggestions? thanks.

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I’m more inclined to give prospective liquidity providing custodians the benefit of the doubt, without extensive knowledge of their identies, because they take on the risk for the network.

At worst, the shareholders are out 1 NBT and a reputation hit if something were to go wrong. On the other hand, for every new custodian elected who fulfills their obligations, the more options and a wider pool of participants we have in the future.


Ho Henry, no need to compromise your privacy more. Thanks for the info.

@Ben don’t forget about rpc liquidity info.

I’m not sure I follow. Are you suggesting that the broadcasting of RPC liquidityinfo is a risk, or referring to its benefit?

I think until we get some system to prevent evil actors to submit liquidity info, it must be counted into risks.

Fair point.

Would be great to have such a system as it would allow anonymous custodians at least from a shareholders’ perspective. This would make it easier for custodians to enter the system.

Something should be possible with the use of the keys to control the custodial address, but I’m sure you have already figured out something similar or better. Just a matter of time I guess.

According to the votes, I think more action should be taken to convince shareholders to vote on me.

I am planning to publish my NSR addresses and prove their balance over 8 million and they are owned by me.

I am just not sure if that is enough to let more than half shareholders support on me. Or even as a 8M NSR shareholder, I still can not be trusted to be a LPC who will serve first paid later. If so, I’d better give up right away.

Any suggestions? thanks.

@henry. Try to reveal some aspects of your identity or online activity?

Hello, everyone.

Thanks to the shareholders’ support, my vote increased significantly this week (3,055 (30.55%) now).
I treat my proposal and shareholders’ support seriously. I am expecting to be the LPC very much.

I can afford the risk to be a LPC, such as dongshan mentioned:

Nubot will support multiple LCP serve one trading pair soon. So there is plenty need for LPC service.

So, please vote:

B5viA2YWcoLBvT8TWJywasQyAT9xkwhmWc, 1

Thank you so much.

@henry will receive payment only after he renders services, so there is low risk to electing him as an LPC. I support this vote.


i agrre with Chronos, risk is minimum. voted :slight_smile:

I neglected to voice public support, but yes I am voting for this proposal.

Tks @henry for your proposal.
The only risk as it was pointed out by JL is that the fraudulent LPC would broadcast possibly fraudulent liquidity information for 6m.
I trust JL he knows well Nu and I am voting for this LPC proposal.
The more liquidity Nu has the better it is.
The reward is higher than the risk, I feel.