Introducing - Nubits/Bitcoin with 0% Trading Fee

Anyway we have Trading API, if you guys interested to use our API:

Ticker NBT/BTC -
Trades NBT/BTC -
Depth NBT/BTC -

Full documentation for trade can be accessed in here:

I am glad to see that you have added NuBit trading to your exchange. Before NuBot and a liquidity provider custodian can bring liquidity to your exchange, @woolly_sammoth will need to implement your API in NuBot. Perhaps @woolly_sammoth will post how this implementation will be prioritized to give you some idea of how long it will take to be supported.

Ah I see. Thank you for your explanation.

I am looking forward for reply from @woolly_sammoth then. Some of our members already start asking about Nubits price and the different with other coin. Thank you


I would be potentially interested in providing some liquidity when it is ready.

@JordanLee Are you planning to offer NSR reward for such a service provided on ? I am still interested in getting NSR in exchange for being a LPC. It seems that the 4m NSR rewards have found 4 slots already.

Hi @bitcoincoid, thanks for opening the pair. Here maintainer of nubot. What you are doing is very important. However, I personally suggest that you temporarily disable it to avoid disappointing your traders .

Besides implementing the bot API, then we ideally should come together and partner up to find a custodian that is willing to run the bot.

Then we can work together from there on.

Unfortunately, they are all consumed:

maybe worth taking a look for current stand-by custodians : @henry @teek @learnmore

I will take pooloniex

in cases like this the voting method is very slow for custodian’s approval. we have to find more flexible and raster methods. perhaps a custodian firstly jumps in and then ask compensation for the service?
i don’t know…

Hi @zoro zoro, we have elected inactive custodians waiting in line, plus running custodians that can also move part of their operations to new markets : @jmiller and @KTm .

Implementing the API wrappers for is now a high priority given the 0% fee offer.


No need to worry about disabling this pair, we already let our member know that this pair will not be so active until the NuBot entering our exchange. They can understand.

But I hope Nubot can be implemented soon. Indonesia is very high market for remittance and usage of USD. I believe nubits has possibility to taking part at this country.

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In less than 24 hours, it seems our Nubits trading volume reaching more than 300 Nubits. It seems not bad.
Unfortunately we do not have enough supply of nubits on the market otherwise I believe the volume will really much higher.

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I believe I’m up next for providing liquidity. My stored BTC took a beating since I made my proposal, so I am working on rebuilding the value. Unfortunately the legacy system of moving money makes the process rather slow, but I hope to be in position within a week. I am taking a closer look at in the meantime.

Also, if anyone is interested in exchanging BTC for PPC at market rate, send me a PM.

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I know how you feel.

evening @bitcoincoid. I’ll take a look at the API once I’m back home and start working on a wrapper.

I had a little time to look at your API. It looks very well laid out and well documented.
I had a few other APIs in queue to work on but the fact you are offering 0% fees bumps up the chain. I’ll start work as soon as I’m able.

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Thank you so much @Woolly_sammoth

I really happy support of Nubits team and community are execellent :smiley:

If you has difficulty with our API , please contact my CTO william in this mail :

So you would still give 1m NSR reward (the fourth and last reward among the original 4m NSR) to the elected custodian that would support NBT/BTC for 30 days but you doubt the proposal would pass?
I believe that @qucubert2 was competing for the 4th slot here but since his proposal did not pass and nobody applied after him, my understanding is that the slot is yet to be filled.

EDIT: All 4 slots have been consumed.

I guess we will see proposals to provide liquidity to, asking for a reward but right now, since the nsr custodian mechanism has not been implemented yet, the reward would need to be in nbts. We would need to wait for statement from jordan lee if one would want to get nsrs as a reward, or do you think it is possible to ask for nsrs in the proposal? I think it is but probably very difficult to pass.

Update for day 2:

Nubits volume trading reaching 1000 Nubits . Nubits Orderbook is full of buy order instead of sell order. Price of Nubits still around $1.1.

I already contact coinmarketcap to list us as well. Thank you

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Hi Nubits Community

I really need somebody who want to sell your nubits for profit in my site. Our price has been higher by almost 5%.

Here is our current buy orderbook when in Bter show 1 nubits = 0.004660 :

0.004858 59.68092219 0.28992992
0.004855 590.47885066 2.86677482
0.004801 50 0.24005
0.004800 30 0.144
0.004799 10 0.04799
0.004700 2.24117234 0.01053351