Prof. Ametrano new slides are filled with notions discussed here

In this new presentation called “open source finance”, Prof. Ametrano, already known to this forum for his white paper about hayiek starts to talk about :
Inflation adjustments USD using CPI (Starting at slide 66…) , burning coins for shares, segniorage shares…Still no mentions to NuBits. I really do not know if he is really not aware of this project, or he is just avoid the topic on purpose. As far as I know, the burning idea was born here.

Makes me wonder, I sent him a message with an invitation more than a month ago, no answer yet.

Interesting to share,anyway. Maybe you could drop him a line because if he really doesn’t know, it would be such a pity.


Maybe he is just lurking here and showing off all those great ideas without mentioning the source :smile:
Hope not.

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If he publishes without citing/acknowledging similar/identical ideas that are demonstratably published elsewhere first, his academic reputation would be at stake. At minimum it’s sloppy research. At worst it’s plagiarism.

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He took the idea from Sam Roberts it seems (mentioned on the bibliography)