Pebble - 2nd generation currency layer over Bitcoin Stable price — Micropayments capable — Smartphone friendly


This can potentially be the most serious competitor around we will face.

Guess who is in the team ? Oh!! What a surprise, we were right on both of them, but I was not imagining they were on the same team!

Robert Sams : , also known here for Must Read: Seigniorage Shares Whitepaper

and …
Prof Ametrano : also known here for Prof. F. Ametrano, Hayek e stabilia' delle cryptomonete and Prof. Ametrano new slides are filled with notions discussed here

So, now that cards are on the table, I am glad to welcome pebble to the stability scene.

It would be nice to have both Robert and the Prof posting something here now (yes, do not pretend you guys do not read this forum :wink: )


That’s great!

how does it differ from Nu?

The documentation says nothing about the way “proof of transaction” works…
Nothing either on the pegging mechanism…
Is there any voting mechanism inside?

In any case, not only they need to prove that their Proof mechanism is secure but also they need to find a pegging system. 2 big projects inside 1.

PS: Proof of transaction could be similar to Proof of activity


How do they know the freemarket demand for pebble and adjust minting reward??

BTW, I cannot find their whitepaper and pegging machenism. Till now, I am not impressed. Is that the italian expert who advocates changing users’ wallet balance?

I didn’t find any design / implementation info. This project seems to be in the same group of grand visions where Ethereum is belonging.

No PoS involved it seems. So no voting system. So no decentralized central bank…
I have yet to find a decentralized central bank system besides Nu.

Linkedin profile of the founder:

'm a serial entrepreneur, engineer and cryptocurrency 2.0 advocate.

I currently run Pebble Cryptocurrency, a socially impactful venture with massive disruptive potential. Pebble will provide a 2nd generation currency layer over Bitcoin. While remaining decentralized and trustless, the currency layer will provide currency units (“pebbles”) with constant value, scale to massive transaction throughputs and provide critical UX improvements. There is a special focus on microtransactions, the IoT and financial applications in the developing world. Price stability is achieved using what we call a Decentralized Reserve Bank (DRB) system in which bitcoin is imported as digital gold via a sidechain system. Stay tuned at We plan to acquire 100m users in 5 years.

Previously - I was known as creator and CEO of the Fight My Monster kids MMO directed at 8-12 yrs boys that grew to almost 3 million user accounts and was the fastest growing kids game in Europe for a while (the company raised venture funding in a round led by Greycroft Partners in early 2012).

Confessed geek…
I like scalable engineering with previous focuses including NoSql database technology (in 2010 I created Pelops for Cassandra - a “big data” scalable database project started by Facebook - and was mentioned by O’Reilly’s Definitive Cassandra Guide) and the world’s first horizontally scalable game server called Starburst (proprietary). Now decentralization challenges makes scalability much harder but also way more interesting - we must abandon central control to algorithms running independently and some significant proportion of network participants may constantly try to break the system. Current engineering interests include decentralized architecture, incentives frameworks, Sybil vulnerability, new ways to apply cryptography and novel Byzantine consensus protocols.

It evolves

Question from one bitcoiner:
“How does pebble plan on achieving price stability? Nubits is trying this as well as Bitbay - with no one having great success yet. There is also CoinoUSD, BitUSD and Tether. What is your plan?”

Reply from the main dev

Very interesting : sounds exactly like nu, except from the automation of supply expansion and burn. They say the triggers for expansion\contraction will happen when price goes above\below peg. It’s very naive IMHO, but will be very interesting to watch

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any idea what happened there?

I don’t know, but there’s not even a web server delivering content when browsing
I suppose there was.

It’s official! Pebble was superseded by Dfinity smile emoticon Similar but refined focuses include math for scalable decentralized networks, smart contracts & fintech innovations…


Look for:

I cant pronounce that, I swear

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