Poloniex delisting can be repealed!


It was a choice between a rock and a hard place. Either a dump of shares by the ‘thief’ or a fork and risk delisting. Time will tell whether this will work out, but it was not helpful to kind of alienate Poloniex in the process that is for sure.
From a integrity perspective I would probably also have tried to shortcut the thief, but that may be personal and moral choices not everyone mat share. I suppose the communication with Poloniex could have been better or maybe propose compensation for their losses. Anyway done deal, lesson learnt and moving forward.


is that so? looks to me like its still just Jordan with his wallet waiting to get “hacked” again …


That is still an issue and a huge risk indeed.


One risk you need to face.
Isn’t it better this way?
Legend has it that FLOT caused the failure of the peg.


They are legends for a reason :slight_smile:


Fact is: FLOT never lost money from a multisig address, right?


It’s time to update the client version
Tell poloniex.com NSR coin to have good maintenance and normal development work
Let them rethink the NSR
Maybe developers can apply to poloniex.com for a vote
Tell cryptopia. Co. Nz should update the client
Let them open the NSR’s deposits and withdrawals


Hi to all!
My name is Alex and I trade at the poloniex exchange. Since the NSR coins have been removed from the trade, I still keep my coins on the exchange. I hope that I can still pick them up from there. Now I would like to sell my NSR coins. Tell me please how and where can I exchange?


The huge run in the Bitcoin price must reverse at some point - meaning money flowing into NuBits

Is now not a time for Nu to approach Poloniex (or indeed any exchange) to say that trading volumes are likely to pick up, and that therefore NSR and NBT should be restored?

This goes double if Tether gets into more trouble


Lol what the fuck


This project has no chance after the someone leveraged the whole community into a premeditated crisis.