Poloniex delisting can be repealed!


At least someone still has their marbles in place.

I joined here for the sole reason to get people sending messages to Polo for the slim chance of Polo reverting their decision - As I’ve seen Polo done before with some coins before.

And now there’s a thread claiming that the stupid little post by “Paul Gruber” itself is proof for me being someone else. Have you ever heard of Occam’s razor? Does 4/20 still go on for you?

On this particular delisting, there are 17 coins about to be delisted.
Most of them are complete shit. This one at least has some (laughable) debate going on i.e. activity.

… But to draw a conclusion that if I want to keep NSR on Poloniex, which I’d love to have for purely selfish reasons, that is to make a hefty sum of BTC’s against my investment which I openly admit, I am somehow linked to someone who has been scamming this community in the past…
I just don’t know what to say other than note how deeply troubled this community really is.

My wallet is still halfway to sync up with the network, Poloniex price seems stable and could make similar temporary recovery effort as QTL did and there’s still time since May 2nd, so I might as well dump my little baggie as well to save me the trouble for looking after it for the YEARS you guys need to get your heads sober again. Jesus.


XBC would be a good example as the most recent one!


wo. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-plus/ i don t about it but the recent price spike is ridiculous indeed. What caused the spike?


I cannot agree more.

What is the exact mechanism that you have in mind for the automatic sale of NSR for BTC to create liquidity?
Would that mechanism be execute inside the blockchain as a smart contract?


There doesn’t always have to be a fundamental reason for spikes like that.

Market technicals being ready for panic buying, such as:

  • Uncertainty in BTC
  • ETH, DASH etc. margin asset bubbles/spikes bursting
  • Other more prominent / middle level cryptos also reaching their peak…
  • … leaving bunch of weak coins with little sell resistance a spur of greedy FOMO buying
    weak coins = little development, small market cap, order books quite empty…

One of the strong suits for XBC was it’s very limited supply, that once the above conditions were met and panic buying was triggered, it resulted into very steep rise in price development in short amount of time.

These are rare events and in case of XBC for instance, it had been able to avoid numerous delistings and lurk around mostly forgotten, while still attracting a couple developers, which changed during the years.

Exactly same could happen to NSR in my book and that’s why I’ve been interested in it since last summer… It has very high previous price levels compared to the bottoming out it did, which means potentially very high return percentages on pretty high risk, but where the potential returns greatly outweigh the risk. Lot’s of patience required to hold and like XBC, returns can yield 100x initial investment. Heck, the ETH bull trend couple years back was over 70x in couple months as well so it’s not like buying near death assets is my main game anyway. Good to have couple wild horses in the stable though as you never know.

What still makes me think NSR could be one of the unicorns is exactly the turbulence of the community while yet still it somehow holds together making a “miraculous” comeback ever so possible.

You have to note that XBC too had, in it’s history, even much higher prices than what the spike you see… Prices as history tend to repeat themselves. Unless of course a project is terminated by it’s developers or a company goes bankrupt in the stock markets… Crypto is somewhat more forgiving in that sense, but on the other hand way more risky / faster paced as there are much more things that can go wrong… Like Poloniex delisting for instance… Such a shame seeing such a good bull market run cut like that.

PS. Another factor that makes me still think NSR has potential, even if it’s delisted, is that perhaps the delisting will clear all the sell resistance it had against it, and once it’s back on some other major exchanges it might be able to hold much higher price if the launch is executed with a more mature product etc. Depends on many variables, but that’s also in favor for it… I might actually consider buying a bit more as prices are so low.


Very convincing. Tks a lot.


Oh, I’m not trying to convince.

My only hope is that people would use this time to message Poloniex so the market could perform the rise it already performing.

The way I see risk is that the reward is likely double to guessing a single number on a roulette table, while the actual chance of getting the return is way below it. All it has to do is to stay alive as a blockchain, keep on getting developed, get relaunched / stay & simply revisit its previous mid pattern support level. Knowing the problems in the community it’s not easy, but on the other hand there seems to be very diligent minds present as well - Much more so than I witnessed at XBC.

The supply is indeed higher, but so is the purse you can buy in sheer numbers.
In terms of it’s price pattern, in my opinion/experience it’s good to have such long history of above 700 satoshi price level, which could eventually be revisited one day, given the above conditions are met. Risky as hell, but the reward is on the side of the holder in my book.
Just don’t go any bit higher in putting money into it that you are not ready to loose.


The first step is to write a bot that can take manual input then sell over time. It’ll be developed to calculate that figure by itself using available network data and a new network variable for Tier 1–4 reserve amount. Hopefully, we can automate that entirely in collaboration with B&C Exchange.


Why not download the torrent? Download NuBits blockchain (bootstrap)



Been following NSR since the beginning. I still think it has so much potential.
Especially in the recent lights of the exchange fiat on/off ramps problems something like NSR/NBT is definitely worth exploring. I have seen a lot of blaming and fighting in various crypto projects. Sometimes it helps to focus on what comes next even if you think you are in the right. So onwards and upwards:

I was kind of surprised by the Poloniex delisting as the volume wasn’t too bad.
Normally they delist for two reasons a) no volume b) client is not stable and is causing too much maintenance work. From reading the forum I suspect it is the latter. Do you have a contact at Poloniex to talk to in person? Contacting them over forms and mails is good. But actually trying to get to talk to a person to discuss the situation can do wonders. If there is a clear roadmap to improve stability/reduce maintance work, there might be good chance that they let it stay on.


What will happen to my balance if I keep the nushares (NSR) and do nothing with it until the last?

If I do not sell it and withdraw it from my account.


If you don’t withdraw within a decent time frame, Poloniex may remove the ability for you to withdraw your balance, as they won’t host a Nu wallet any more.

I’d recommend transferring NSR out by the date they’ve said they’ll close trading, though I’m sure withdrawals will be available for a few days after trading ceases.


It doesn’t help that there are no working block explorer for NSR.


@backpacker is here now, and it’s up again!



If you have not already, send a message to Poloniex voicing your support for continued listing of NSR.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate at all. Thank you!


I think it should add features of the NSR itself, such as adding zerocoin functionality or other features
Recognize that the market is more proactive in accepting NSR
Otherwise the NSR will be discarded


Thanks. What’s the maximum amount that can be sent without any issue


good luck :wink:


Poloniex can probably withdraw large amounts without issue, but I recommend splitting across multiple addresses for easier handling in the Nu wallet. Split every 5 million preferably, but you can likely go higher. Just keep in mind performance is impacted when spending the funds, and deselecting inputs in coin control is tedious. We want to improve these, but everything takes time and money.

@lug: CryptoNote is looking promising to implement.


When the delisting was announced some moderator in the trollbox said after asking kindly that there was some fork that made them lose money. At that time I couldn’t see anything in this forum so I thought it was fake.

But now after reading the forum I also know what it was, so Jordan “lost” a ton of NSR and decided to make his own single-user-activated hard fork :smiley: Classical Jordan move.