Poloniex delisting can be repealed!

Dear All,

I have been a long time Poloniex investor/trader and I have been following this messaging board for about a year of which most parts I’ve been NSR holder for it having much potential.

I am sad as anyone here to witness the late announcement for delisting NSR from Poloniex.
Especially so as the market had confirmed a new long term bull trend that could eventually lead the price back to previous 700+ satoshi support level.
This might sound ludicrous to some, but as a seasoned analyst I’ve seen other assets do similar performances, once the new bull market matured. Keep in mind that such price rise is usually many months in the making and thus unnoticed by most.

Now as a long time Poloniex trader, I have many times seen some assets that were among those about to be delisted saved from being delisted among with tweet “such and such asset got overwhelming community / developer support and we’ve decided to keep it” or something among those lines.

The delisting is supposed to happen on May 2nd and therefore there is plenty of time to rally the troops to start demonstrating good reasons why NSR deserves to stay on Poloniex.

While following this message board, I’ve always been impressed with the consistency of few key members on doing work for Nu, although what has been discouraging has been the lack of outward clarity what is Nu, NSR etc. about for the larger cryptocurrency public.

Perhaps now could be the time to quickly clarify that vision of what Nu / NSR is going to be in the future and how to communicate this the way a 10 year old can understand, or at least an average impatient trader.

The members close to the steering wheel of NSR could each send Poloniex their view on why NSR should be kept on the exchange and what they envision for the future of it.

All other members, investors, shareholders and such could send their own ones showing support from the community to show Poloniex that NSR is not dead and it is being developed and supported as widely as we can show. I have personally already sent a feature request saying that I believe this community and the developers are working hard to bring future value to the project and that it’s far from a dead asset like most coins about to be delisted.

There is still 12 days to organize, plan and strike!
We don’t have to accept the announcement without effort to repeal it.
I’ve seen other projects having done so before.

It has only happened when community has come together and become loud against delisting.

PS. I had other coins also about to be delisted, but in their case I deemed them undeveloped, largely just dead pump coins so I didn’t even try with them. With NSR it’s different.

PPS. If Poloniex was to revert their announcement on NSR, it would result in skyrocketing of the price most likely. Combined with new, easy to understand vision of how you envision to develop NSR as a unique crypto project would fuel the rush. It is possible - Let’s make it happen!


Doing the same. There is a market potential for a decentralised pegged coin, especially as more banks are derisking from fiat/crypto businesses lately. See the Bitfinex story and other exchanges being hit by it (google them). This may also put the Tether asset at increased risk.



I would like people to write up key points of what makes NSR apart from other coins, it’s strong suits, the problem it offers a solution, what’s the honest & genuine stage of development upon those and where it’s going to be soon.

Thus we could all pick features we personally knew most about and use them as selling points when we compose our letters to Poloniex.

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Customers buy NuBits with a value transfer asset. Shareholder-specified ratio of those proceeds gets stored in reserve assets as Tier 1–4. The other portion is transferred as Tier 6 via buybacks into the NuShare market cap or via dividends to shareholders.

NuShares have the value proposition of gaining in value from NuBit sales, exchange trades, transaction fees, and any additional ventures with revenue shareholders choose to pursue.

Customers get a stable currency with the flexibilities expected in a digital age.

Product: NuBits
Value transfer assets: Assets traded for NuBits, e.g. Bitcoin in a BTC/US-NBT pair.
Reserve assets: Assets held by Nu as intermediates between the NuShare market cap and the immediately available value transfer assets for NuBit traders.
Backing: Economic incentive to buy NuShares.

Investors who expect benefits from a continued NuBit economy will support NuBits in times of declining demand.


  • Rework NuBits.com to lead customers, investors, and vendors to understand the benefits for them and how NuBits works. Simplify and streamline their choices, especially in the top menu.
    • Learn – how it works and why you should rely on NuBits
    • Buy/Trade – where and how you acquire NuBits
    • Invest – why you should support Nu with your money
    • Explore – view network status and browse transactions
    • Govern – see current motions and grants, learn how to vote
  • Live network health graphs displaying supply, reserves, and the deviation from equilibrium figure.
  • Automate NuShare sales for Tier 6.
  • Employ a marketing firm.

I prioritize the website changes after the most urgent matters of contacting exchanges regarding NuShares and getting things under control. The network health graphs are in development by another team member. Hiring a marketing firm may be more difficult with the reduced available funding. Complete automation of NuShare sales will make Nu even more interesting as a DAO, though the first step is to automate the sales I perform with manual input of the sum weekly. I haven’t estimated when we expect these ready.

I want to give an example of what a message can look like and hopefully inspire you. Here’s what I sent to Poloniex after the news hit us.

Dear Poloniex,

Why are you planning to delist NuShares (NSR)?

I’m Esko, Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations at Nu. We have been in tough times before and I know we can deal with this as well. Still, Poloniex is a major exchange we want to remain growing at. The NuShare has seen increasing volume and support. Do you have concerns about our network?

We have hired a team working professionally for Nu to improve reliability and attractiveness of NuBits. I’m proud to be part of this project as I think we’re truly pioneering the field of decentralized stable digital currencies. It would be sad to see Nu fall on circumstances unrelated to its merits, potential, and support.

Will you enable us to continue?

I’m working full-time on Nu and if you wish I can go into deep detail about the past years events as they have been severely misrepresented. We are currently working to deploy live network health graphs in an updated block explorer, automation of Tier 6 to make Nu completely autonomous, and employing a marketing firm.

Last year the peg for NuBits was abandoned by our well-meaning but unfortunately misguided liquidity teams that withheld Tier 1–4 reserves from NuBit holders which of course had dire consequences for trust and demand. Shareholders are always in ultimate control of Nu, and they transferred by passing a motion the responsibility for liquidity to a trusted individual and granted NuShares for them to sell in carrying out Tier 6 of our liquidity flow.

If there is any worry about losses from blockchain issues, be assured shareholder interests would be to cover them via the same grant mechanism. No issues are expected running Nu 5.0.1.

Give us the chance we deserve.

Best regards,

Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations, Nu


Well, they already delisted USNBT. if they are going to keep NSR, they should also add USNBT back.


Thank you for taking the time to come here and provide your view and optimism! I believe spreading understanding of how Nu works and why NuBits is an attractive product is among the most important goals we have.

The externally moving and unpredictable parts of Nu are the value transfer assets, reserve assets, pegged to currencies, and exchanges. Those can all be replaced if necessary. Assuming sustainable revenue (which is not a fairy tale), there will be incentive for investors to support NuBits via the NuShare at some price point unless an extreme loss of NuShare market cap with a heavy sustained decline in NuBit demand at a large NuBit market cap occurs. It doesn’t matter what the NuShare is traded for as long as it can be converted to one of the value transfer assets.

What investors essentially should look for is a team they deem fit to execute and perfect this model. Once everything is set up, Nu will run itself for the most part.

Compared to so many other projects that are traded at higher valuation than Nu with no unique product or without revenue prospects (speculative gambles), we’re building an automated shareholder-controlled decentralized bank issuing stable digital currencies with all the potential uses internet technology allows. That’s extraordinarily exciting to me!


The delisting will not get repealed :wink:

MasterLi sounds like JordanLee…


yep! I agree 100%. Was about to talk about sybil attacks, but then was too lazy…


I have absolutely no idea why are you two wasting the golden minutes and hours of your lives writing on this forum, when you most clearly don’t have anything to contribute or to gain from interacting in here other than maybe spew your poisonous grudges from the past (I assume).

I can assure you that I’m just a bystander investor, attempting to protect my interests over a long run over a project that might make me literally tons of ROI if it lives up to it’s potential and that’s all.
I’m mostly technical analyst and rarely touch the fundamental side (this is as far as I ever go).

Some of the people here are much, much more invested in it, while others seem to have no other purpose than to hurt everyone - and illogically even themselves.

I haven’t been around long enough to know the details of the turbulent history of this project and quite frankly I don’t care one bit to find out because the only thing that really matters is what is happening right now - And all I see is how people currently act - those who act for the benefit of the whole and who act against it.

I could as well cut my minor losses, sell all my NSR and vanish to greener pastures.
On the other hand, tossing my bag now at these prices vs. waiting until (Poloniex or not!) in some even distant future the price might climb to some higher end hundreds of satoshi’s per coin…
It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve held a near abandoned (but still developed) asset for couple years and made a fortune when eventually it’ll get it’s stars aligned.
That to me is part of the beauty of cryptocurrencies.
Patience, patience, patience.

And if you are sore, do yourself a favor and spread your risk better in the future.


PS - Thanks for the responses for the OP.
I’m glad to see others also trying to challenge the butcher’s call instead walking docile in line.
Hear hear!


Then you should hope that “history repeats itself” doesn’t apply here! Otherwise, grab your BTC and run as fast as you can, but keep in mind @Phoenix can fly fast!

Hi all,
My name is Paul Gruber, and I am a security consultant.
I have come to this forum under the paid request of one member that I will not name.
After a thorough linguistic, network, blockchain and event analysis over a span of 2.5 years, my team and I have come to the following conclusion (95% confidence level):
The same individual is behind the discuss accounts @JordanLee, @Phoenix and @MasterLi.

Best regards,

Paul Gruber


Are you serious? Is there any research you care to share on this? I didn’t need to do an analysis to figure this out, but some facts we could look at would be nice.

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@paulgruber, there are several other accounts that I suspect of being Jordan Lee as well, serfer, Tony and cbe. Can you tell anything from those accounts?

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After a thorough linguistic, network, blockchain and event analysis over a span of 2.5 years, my team and I have come to the following conclusion (95% confidence level):
The same individual is behind the discuss accounts @JordanLee, @Phoenix and @MasterLi.

If you are indeed a security consultant, I consult you to find another job, because you just showed me how your 95% confidence is nothing but blatant intimidation and bullshit.
I’m pretty sure you are not any kind of security consultant, nor you work for anyone.
Although the heavy trolling here it makes me suspects there’s some hidden agenda why any kind of good attempt to benefit the project keeps on getting subject to constant harassment.

Can you tell me a logical reason why Pheonix wouldn’t post a thread like this under his own nickname? Why would he register another account to pose being as an outsider investor?
jooize could have come up with the same idea, don’t you think?
And to him, I’m sorry to say that my optimism is quickly vanishing.

And speaking of Phoenix, MaVo… He actually seems to be one of the only ones that indeed does have a clear interested to have NSR going higher value - And therefore as a bag holder, I actually don’t see him such a bad force. Of course who knows, maybe you could be right that one day if the price were high enough he might go poof with a lot of it, but again, like I earlier justified, I’m prepared to count that into the gamble personally.

Back to “Paul”…
How did you magically appear just under similar allegations while still having done 2.5 years of analysis over data while my account was registered within full days and all linguistic content is literally spanned over this thread. Congratulations asshole, I haven’t put any other data anywhere you mention apart from this thread. How convenient of you to have been paid within 1 single day anonymously by some community member while at the same time you have a team and you did all your analysis … in 1 single day. Wow, what a professional (troll) you are!

And Paul, as you seemingly post from your own name, why don’t you do us a favor and give us a link to your consultant business where we can see you actually exist as Paul Gruber so your message could be taken with a bit more credibility. I suppose you can’t and won’t, especially now that I know perfectly well you never did any research and you are just a troll with an agenda I don’t even want to know about.

Are you serious? Is there any research you care to share on this? I didn’t need to do an analysis to figure this out, but some facts we could look at would be nice.

Don’t worry. He’s not serious and he has nothing to back this up with.
He’s full of shit and is just one new account of some of the trolls pestering your forums.
I know this because I actually am an outsider to your community.

While I saw before similar kind of behavior from the antagonist trolls around here I never though I would be immediately drawn into the same net of drama.
I don’t have time, nor interest for this and neither it will serve my capital interests as the time could be used to analyze other markets.

I’m still perhaps going to wallet up my holdings and hope that one day you get your shit together and stop smoking whatever you are smoking.

Why don’t you use your magical blockchain analysis skills to actually build a case against JordanLee / Phoenix / Whoever and tie up the loose ends of your past scandals and get rid of the problem once and for all - Demonstrate the data in a way that it’s enough for legal action and pursue the case as a group.

I hope people keep messaging Poloniex to keep NSR in there.

I’m pissed off enough to remember again why I don’t touch the fundamental side of crypto projects.
It’s just not worth my time to bang my keyboard with nefarious idiots.

Good luck!

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Wow, that kinda puts the final nail –

You know what I think? I think @paulgruber is Jordan Lee as well. He is just another sock puppet account made to look serious. Jordan works by spreading propaganda in people’s minds. The opposition against him and his lies is becoming stronger, so he needs to do something about that.

The best thing he can do is to control his opposition, so he makes an account like @paulgruber to trick people into thinking Paul is on their side. Then he makes the Paul Gruber account look silly and thus his entire opposition along with it.

Until I see an actual argument and research posted from @paulgruber I call bullshit. If I’m right then we will definitely not see anything and that account will just be used by Jordan to make us all look foolish. Bring forth this so-called evidence or I’m not believing it.


Tks for your post @MasterLi .
Any example of such asset?

In an anonymous world with no cryptographic proof we need to trust our intuition.
Let s work together to make Nu survive and thrive.

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