Poloniex adds NSR/BTC



Great, exchanges were a bit thin on the ground.

I just sign up looks great so far maybe its a new market marker for NSR

Trade History market trades

2015-02-23 00:52:04 Buy 0.00002200 41.36363636 0.00090999 btc
2015-02-22 23:27:08 Buy 0.00011544 55.33452000 0.00638781 btc
2015-02-22 23:16:19 Sell 0.00003000 13.20766667 0.00039623 btc

I think it is some kind of ritual at exchanges when they open a new pair, the first candle needs to reach at least 5x the current market price. Maybe we should all follow their lead and see what happens?

Seriously though, the trading interface at Poloniex is wonderful. :kissing_heart:

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