Poll: NuShareholder Optimism

What statement best describes your current view of your NuShare investment?

  • I am looking to significantly increase the number of NSR I own
  • I am looking to moderately increase the number of NSR I own
  • I am content and will be holding onto the number of NSR I own (neither buying nor selling)
  • I am looking to moderately reduce the number of NSR I own
  • I am looking to significantly reduce the number of NSR I own

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I thought this would be interesting to see. @Cryptog has posted a poll asking about NuShare ownership numbers, and this poll focuses on finding out how shareholders view their own investment in Nu.


Any difference meant between number of NSR and percentage ownership?
I am looking to increase my percentage ownership, not my number of NSR

I’ve been in a “significantly increase” mode for the past several months now as optimism and activity on the forum seems to be growing. I’m very excited for the future and I’m this close to becoming a 1% percenter. :grinning:

congrats; so hovering around 8.3m

Yeah, almost around there. I’m hoping the price doesn’t move too much until next year, but I know I can’t count on that. Luckily I’ve been doing a lot of overtime at work due to my promotion, so that really helps. Honestly if anyone is selling then they must not be paying close enough attention to this forum and everything that is going on.

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Do you have an additional mid to long term purchase plan in case it keeps this price or gets even cheaper?
Do you have a selling plan ?

Besides my monthly bills and a tiny amount of fun/entertainment money, everything else I make is currently going into NuShares. If the price rises to an unaffordable level then I’ll stop buying and simply hold. Until then I will keep buying and living on the least amount of money possible.

No, unlike Peercoin, Nu is a business which can generate profit/dividends, so I don’t plan on selling anything.


What kind of conclusion can we withdraw? I think that we can speculate that most important shareholders are bullish on Nu!

So the vast majority of people that took the pool are very optimistic.

Those who were not have left the community by now :wink:

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