Poll: Nu Network 2016

What potential improvement are you most excited about for the Nu network in 2016?

  • Introduction of new NBT products pegged to the Yuan, Euro, and Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
  • Re-denomination of NuShares by a factor of 10,000
  • Launch of B&C Exchange
  • Continued development of liquidity pools
  • Launch of new Peershares that use NBT
  • Growth of share buybacks
  • Improvement of data feed services within the client
  • Growth in media coverage
  • Further development of NuDroid mobile wallet
  • Other (please specify below)

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B&C Exchange seems to be the popular choice with 5/5 of the first votes cast.

@sigmike Are there plans to move towards a set schedule of announcements/updates, similar to Sunny King’s updates with Peercoin? It would be great to see updates every week or two in the B&C Exchange announcement thread, even if those updates are very brief.


Out of all the things listed, B&C will give the largest boost to Nu, so I’m eagerly awaiting its release. If I had to pick a second, it would be our upcoming new products like SDR.

Edit: I support weekly updates as well.


My second choice is the ALP development.


My second choice is seeded auctions (NSR/NBT or NSR/BTC) to replace the current NSR buybacks, which require an executor :wink:
If my limited understanding is not totally off, seeded auctions would work with multisig addresses to effectively remove single points of failure.
Centralized exchanges or a service hosting the auctions wouldn’t be important for the seeded auction.
The auction itself would take place on blockchains.
The execution would be decentralized via multisig.

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Ultimately the goal is to become very profitable. So if you are a pure capitalist, you should choose “Growth of shares buy backs”.

share buybacks = short term growth. Long term growth can result in more dividends like B&C or ppc. The launch of B&C will show that such long term profit mechanisms are successful.

B&C, no question. Adoption of NBT has been modest. Adding new products won’t suddenly make people look to Nu. However the potential of B&C is enormous… if it were to become a household name in the crypto-space, so would the Nu network.

My second choice is actually the re-denomination of NuShares. It’ll just look so much cleaner.

Are there plans to move towards a set schedule of announcements/updates,
similar to Sunny King’s updates with Peercoin? It would be great to see
updates every week or two in the B&C Exchange announcement thread2, even if those updates are very brief.

I know they’re probably busy plus there has been holidays, but the silence on development has been a bit dismaying.

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  1. first choice: growth of NuBits available supply AND volume (24h) by a factor of 1000.
  2. second choice: B&C

I believe 2) will contribute to 1)

How do you think B&C would boost NuBits?

If B&C becomes a widely used exchange, demand for Nubits is likely
to increase because it will be the only stable/dollar pegged coin
available. It will be (more so than it already is) a useful tool for day
traders as well as long term investors looking to take profit without
having to exchange into fiat.


To obtain and store profit for these cases:

  • without counter party risk due to a centralized ex
  • without having indeed to convert to fiat

B&C Exchange is the biggest source of my excitement. I’m also hoping to see the SDR pegged asset. I think both of these will mark a new phase for Nu.


After 33 votes, B&C Exchange is leading the way with 75% of the vote.

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And in second place the new NU products.
Especially SDR, which i consider it our second product!

There has not been much activity on the code source of bce lately. A lot of shareholders would like an update i think.

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I agree. Hopefully we begin to hear more regular updates soon, now that the holiday season is past us.

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  • I’m most excited about B&C Exchange.
  • Development of liquidity seems urgent.
  • Re-denomination of NuShares is a welcome change!
  • A distributed decentralized currency as SDR NuBits is intriguing.
  • NuDroid equivalent for iOS is on my wishlist.

We are bound to eventually have media coverage if Nu continues as successfully as I think it’s progressing.