Please explain NuBits to the Augur team

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Thanks for the heads up. I wrote a couple of lines of what I think are the most important points for outsiders.

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What does this mean? I don’t know anything about Etheruem, but it sounds like we need to do something in order for NuBits to be supported.

NuBits has been stable since almost two years now. They will also add other currency pairs like NuEUR and NuCNY.
They’re still not on Ethereum yet afaik, would love to use once they are
You mean as in the NuBits blockchain linked with Ethereum or completely implemented using Ethereum smart contracts?
Meant the former as in btcrelay, but either

check out the API section of the readme. As far as I can tell, it’s just a series of ETH commands that allow you to read BTC blockchain data. Why someone would want this, no clue. But that’s what this person wants, a way to read the Nu blockchain using ETH contracts.

I think in this specific case, a “NuRelay” would be useful for the Augur team because it would help facilitate the creation of a smart contract based, dollar pegged Ethereum token that relies on data from the NuBits blockchain. This would probably be more convenient for them than integrating NuBits. I may be wrong though, just my semi-informed intuition.