Picture of a little cat

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so this is interesting. if you look at the edit on my post - it wasn’t made by me. if you check the edit and switch to markdown mode you can see it.

discourse automatically uploaded the picture to the discourse server and changed the link to point locally.


How did you post it? Did you just include the hyperlink using the “from the web” option in the image uploader?

I assume it is done so that we won’t run into situations where the link is broken due to someone elses’s actions. On the other hand, I had that image on my desktop (the kids had downloaded it to try to convince my wife and I that we’d be so much better off with a tea cup pig as a pet…) so when I attached it, it was already uploaded to the forums, directly.

Yeah I pasted it from the web. So awesome that it does that. Literally just copied the URL from google image search.

Here’s a happy potato.


You should totally get a teacup pig. In fact, teacup pigs are the official NuBits mascot.

At least 50% of the world population would expect something different by a “Picture of a little cat”. To avoid disappointment and losing forum readers, I’ve posted one just to meet this expectation :slight_smile:


very big cat

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ah yes, the cat gun. vicious weapon of awww