Peercointalk Updates Forum to Discourse, Offers Augeas Shareholders a New Home - Other General Updates

As previously reported by @woodstockmerkle in the Augeas thread, Peercointalk has updated its forum software to Discourse and after a week long testing period, we are now open for new registrations. In addition, me and Peerchemist have decided to offer Augeas a new home with a dedicated board under the altcoins section for shareholders to conduct their DAO however they wish. For non-members, go ahead and sign up. For existing members, check this thread to reactivate your old Peercointalk account…

I’m not sure how many of you have paid attention to Peercoin recently, but it has been rapidly changing over the past 6 months. I personally led the initiative to visually rebrand Peercoin, logo and all. This new forum is a significant step along the path of our rebranding efforts.

To @Sabreiib and @cryptog and others who might have previously given up on Peercoin because it was not considered good money, (more of a cryptocommodity) you may be surprised to know that the community is moving away from the concept of Peercoin as a digital currency.

Developers Peerchemist and hrobeers are responsible for Peercoin’s new direction. Because of them, we are starting to view the network as more of a sustainable public blockchain for hosting distributed services, applications and DACs. We are trying to create a public platform for people to develop things on top of that is simple, secure, efficient, sustainable and immutable.

Using the upcoming PeerAssets protocol to power these services and applications on top of the chain, they will start increasing use of the network and as a result, peercoins will be regularly consumed as a type of fuel for transactions, helping to counter inflation. Peercoin will be needed for many things, transactions, asset creation, trading of assets, dividends, voting etc…

Similar to burning BlockCredits in B&C in order to use trading functions, the entire system and all app and service functionality will be fueled through burning peercoins as fees. Any peercoins that are burned will benefit all existing holders, as it increases deflation of the supply, and this is fine because Peercoin is no longer aiming to be used for currency related matters, although nothing is stopping people from using it as an instrument for payments.

Peerchemist and hrobeers themselves have been promoted to core developers by Sunny King, along with Sigmike. We have been having regular dev meetings and recently we have gotten Sunny to agree to open up development, which means after the release of v0.6, Sunny will no longer work on the next version release in his private repo where nobody can contribute or know what’s going on. Everything will be developed out in the open so that everyone can see what is happening and anyone can help. No more secrecy. Active participation will be encouraged. In addition, the ppcoin GitHub organization has also finally been transitioned to the Peercoin name.

Things are rapidly changing and we’re still just in the beginning stages. There has been discussion of adopting Flexible Transactions from Bitcoin Classic rather than SegWit, stabilizing PoS block times to be more reliable and consistent, using PoW security to benefit the network. The PeerAssets protocol is still under development and there are DACs that have been planned for when it’s finished. PeerKeeper is still under development, which is a light wallet that will also let people mint on their mobile phones. Peerunity is going to be disbanded and the main features are going to be merged into the core client.

As you can see, lots of stuff is going on. The community is starting to become less dependent on Sunny and is starting to take charge of its own destiny. The Nu community is a mere shadow of its former self in the face of NBT delistings, centralization attempts by Jordan/Phoenix and constant arguments while Peercoin is beginning to thrive again. Break free and rid yourself of this place and come join us where the energy is starting to build once again. Some of you have already made the jump. I hope to see many more!


Unless Peercoin community launches a Hayek coin as per Hayek’s theory, I will not join you.

I don’t believe anybody is working on that currently, but there’s nothing stopping you from leading that project yourself. I hear you are learning to code.

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Sounds like your trying to become Ethereum to me.

Not exactly. Ethereum popularized the concept of using the blockchain for more than just simple coin transactions, however we will not be a mere replica of Ethereum because as you know Peercoin is focused on sustainability. Here is a quote by Peerchemist saying as much. You will need to ask him about it at or on the new forum if you wish to know more…

By the way, here is the link to the dedicated Augeas board…