[Passed] The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of 24 Dec 2015

Dear Shareholders:

Merry Christmas

With the support and help from the community, the Nu Lagoon has successfully operated for another 4 weeks.

As reported in the http://nulagoon.com/data.html , the accumulated Custodian Fee is 1421.9 NBT for Pool A, 3338.1 NBT for Pool C and D till 24th Dec.

I would like to request shareholders to grant custodian fee to the pools.

BAwbootKP1sWHhuhnYGfaf9nMLfF7LFdVF, 4760.00 NBT

Thank you in advance.

The Nu Lagoon manage team

Note: It is Nushareholders’ obligation to pass this grant according to prior shareholder motions : b5e709a59226b979e4cb59e6d3a3e06b506e3761 and ae07a18b22e20e38d6bf7559e320c1728d7a62dc

The best liquidity platform for Nubits & Bitcoin, NuLagoon Tube, is open to public this week. It is an important step in Nubits liquidity operation



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Shareholders, @Cybnate, @crypto_coiner,

May I have your attention on the fact that this grant only has 30% votes now. Please vote on this grant.

Thank you.


Adding to my datafeed, the Holidays are getting a bit in the way therefore a slower response than normal.

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Added to my datafeed.

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The new Tube is a good service. Voted.

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Nu ShareHolders,

It a WARNING of shareholder default risk.

Please vote on this Grant, Now, it is close to 10 days of voting.

Thank you.

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I suspect several shareholders took time off over Christmas and perhaps let their voting activity subside a bit. I would expect voting to progress much quicker in the coming days.

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it s very close to pass.

Sounds a bit dramatic as this proposal is about the pass in next 24h given the current votes.

Most likely the reason, perhaps we need more shareholders from non-Christian countries :wink:

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Proposal passed.