[Passed] Re-evaluation of RSOT Implementation

c’mon, Jordan, why would anyone let your shares corrupt yet another POS blockchain? i think dev fund (what’s left of it in NSR form) is a small price to pay to have a fair distribution of power.

That’s just another point to add on to the list of considerations to be taken into account. Handling over the development funds in NSR form to Augeas supporters would be the ultimate deathblow to Nu.

What exactly does Augeas in your opinion have to do with B&C?
Why should the dev fund of B&C have anything to do with the fate of Nu?

You have to think as if you were Phoenix. Then it becomes clear that a compromise is needed that satifies both.

He’s got the money. He’s got interests.

It’s not his money. He keeps it on behalf of the shareholders.

We can agree on that.

I still don’t see the relation to the fate of Nu.

No shit!

Here, have some quotes:

Why should other NSR holders (e.g. Nu) be preferred to B&C?
Do you say that B&C shouldn’t sell NSR to remove sell pressure?
What good are the NSR for, if they can’t be sold?

Augeas and Nu may be competitors.
If you consider a potential competitor, that doesn’t even have its first product a deathblow to Nu that speaks volumes for the health of Nu.
What a crazy move of Augeas to care about accounting, revenue and stuff :wink:

Because Jordan wants so.

I say that B&C ex Jordan would sell NSR which would be the ultimate deathblow to Nu (and Jordan doesn’t want that).

They are good for voting for Jordan’s motions.

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It would be suicidal to do that now. The dev fund of B&C relies crucially upon the recovery and success of Nu.

Tony actually got something right - support Nu or kill B&C (and Nu).

Thanks, Jordan.

My understanding is that the B&C dev fund was in BTC, PPC, or NBT. Is there any information that these funds have been used to buy NSR?

As far as I understood the funding, all BTC and PPC were converted to NBT.
Those NBT have been traded for NSR (and a part of the NSR to BTC, although Phoenix had no mandate to do that).
Needless to say, but important to note that this question

hasn’t been answered by @Phoenix.

Details about the dev funds are largely unknown - at least to me.
I don’t know the addresses at which NSR and potentially BTC, PPC are.

rofl at how the B&C IPO was basically just an NSR buyback.


Sad, but true.
Scam, scam, scam, wherever you look.
Actions, missing information, keeping back information on purpose all used for one goal: scam.

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Sounds like you are starting to realize that your revolution is not just a blessing but also suffering and guilt.

The situation on this forum is hilarious in some way. Phoenix is like a knight in shining armor and the rest is just attacking him. FUD, FUD, Augeas, and the most important points get lost in the shit that follows. B&C shareholders should be reminded that the best way to destroy their investment is to gather an internet mob to go replace Nu.

The intensity of self-destruction gives me reasons to think that this community can no more attract anyone serious. Perhaps it would be helpful for everyone here to start thinking critically. Now I’m just afraid that means that you and @Sentinelrv (as many others here) will have to be excluded…

It seems like you are smoking the heaviest shit available on earth.

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This has passed…

I think it’s quite obvious that votes are influenced by people that only mint when there’s an important vote involved. This is a clear weakness of PeerShares, the direct competition between what is good for the security of the network and what is good for the individual voter.


JL killed his own legacy creation from the core.