[Passed] Phoenix for Custodian of B&C Funds

Motion Hash: e0a5d7cf4cab3951c497c3dae6bff1f1063afc2b

I have created a proposal to become the custodian of B&C funds until a multisig group can be formed to take on that responsibility. I have given some explanation of the context here:

I hope to finalize the draft for voting quite soon, so please make suggestions for modifications promptly.

Not supporting this due to the risks involved having both NU and B&C funds in one hand. We came from that situation and it worked out badly. Not going to burn my fingers again on that one.


Hashed for voting:


I am still going to continue to find a way to form a reliable multisig group to handle these funds, but the situation requires an interim solution. This is because the goal of a multisig group cannot be reached today while the solution outlined in the motion is a big improvement over the current state.

I am considering support this motion, because Jordan has gone, phoenix at least is here. I agree that we should form a multisig group in future.

I will vote for this motion because my RSOT motion stuck at 30%. it seems shareholders dislike my motion so I have to vote for @Phoenix’s motion to replace Jordan Lee.


What’s shareday_percentage?

“e0a5d7cf4cab3951c497c3dae6bff1f1063afc2b” : {
“blocks” : 2121,
“block_percentage” : 21.21,
“sharedays” : 468895,
“shareday_percentage” : 40.55195878
“f73d264a2053b6eb3bcd2166a2052083f4083972” : {
“blocks” : 1946,
“block_percentage” : 19.46,
“sharedays” : 76116,
“shareday_percentage” : 6.58282322
“f8bcd3d068a6b35c92902a8d57e0e773e4e35352” : {
“blocks” : 2,
“block_percentage” : 0.02,
“sharedays” : 623,
“shareday_percentage” : 0.05387959

The percentage of “sharedays destroyed” by the blocks that voted for the motion. A Nu motion decided not to use it anymore, but no change in the client has been made yet because it was not a priority.

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Will be interesting to see who has the other 70% of the shares.
Still can’t support it as it goes against my principles of not making the same mistake twice. Rather see Sabbreiib or Dhum holding all the funds although still highly risky to have all funds in one hand, at least they are in another hand than the Nu funds.

Phoenix is better than “Jordan lee” because the latter has is gone with the fund. Situation won’t be worse after phoenix controlling the fund.

To me, there is basically no difference. Just changing an alias doesn’t mean there is another person behind it. I highly doubt that and I’m not the only one.

Have we requested any funds held by @JordanLee as @Phoenix is with this motion? If you believe they’re the same person I would expect the funds to be available.

If that person transfers the funds, they haven’t run with them. I rather have the present alias in control of the funds. I then assume the lack of transparency in the use of funds is the concern when not trusting that person. Understandable, though I’m not as worried. What would be the difference from now (except maybe with Angela’s and potential other funds)?

The situation is that shareholders haven’t appointed anyone else or a group to hold the funds. Is it better to keep waiting, while that person is in control of those funds anyway?

This motion can prove that Jordan == Phoenix, or Jordan and Phoenix are in same team.

If Phoenix gets the fund, Jordan is honest without running with the money.

The next step is to find a reliable group to hold the fund as Phoenix agrees.

How much support does this motion have?

47%, but it is trending at 60% in the last 500 blocks. It is on track to pass in the next day.

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So basically all progress and development got completely gutted cause 1 person held all the funds and disappeared. Now a “new” person arrives and asks to hand over the complete fund without providing any form of collateral/insurances/real world identity or basically anything that would prevent him from just taking the fund and disappearing.

Yet this motion has strong support but we can’t muster enough support to vote in a motion that tries to place the fund in the hands of a multisig group? Well let’s hope @Phoenix sticks around unlike his predecessor and also lets hope his intentions are good since if he wants to fuck us over completely he’s completely free to do so……


This passed. I will do more to facilitate the execution of this motion in the next day or two. It has some interaction with another motion just passed to trade B&C’s US-NBT for NSR that needs to be considered as a specific plan to move forward is crafted.