[Passed] NuPond Term 5 Grant

Proposal RIPEMD160 hash: f7e4dfbc8ae8f04685748185e03e5b1d731629fb

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Custodial Address: BEU9G1YCwCtaVa3mMPvX4NcqKngbA2jJ7C
Amount Requested: 850 NBT

Operator: @Nagalim
Type: Home Fixed Reward ALP
Pool and Term: NuPond Term 5
Exchange: Bter.com
Duration: 30 days
Spread After Fees: 0.4%
Tolerance: 0.6% (0.006)
Bid Target: 5,000 NBT
Ask Target: 5,000 NBT
Bid Reward Rate: 0.2%/day
Ask Reward Rate: 0.2%/day
Home Operator Fee: 50 NBT
Total Home Grant Without Operator Fees: 600 NBT
Previous Operator Fees: 100 NBT
Total Competitive Grants: 450 NBT
Rollover Funds: 300 NBT
Current Total Operator Fees for Next Term: 150 NBT

If 187e547074c3fe0508a56d684dd705ec5d9929ee does not pass, NuPond will support the NBT/BTC pair with fixed reward pool parameters corresponding to the clause of that motion.

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

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what is this?

The NuPond Term 5 Grant. It includes support for the NBT/CNY and NBT/BTC pairs on bter. The calculation is:
600+100+450-300 = 850

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I thought you were going to propose a Fixed Cost ALP.

I think he did. This seems to be the back up draft in case that Fixed Cost Motion doesn’t pass (in time)

I see.

i understand that in a fixed cost pool, the rollover funds will always be zero :wink:

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It’s like this:

This is the grant. It gives me the funds I need to continue operation. The term ‘home’ means that I fully expect this grant to pass or i will shut down NuPond. It is therefore incumbent upon shareholders to reach consensus with me on appropriate home pool parameters.

The other motion is purely about fixed cost. If this passes and that one doesn’t, I will do fixed reward on both pairs, like normal. If that motion passes and this grant doesn’t, shareholders are dumb and nupond will cease operation because it will run out of money.

If both pass I will be running fixed cost on nbt/btc and fixed reward on nbt/cny. There is no scenario where nbt/cny is not funded as a fixed reward pool, which is why it is my home alp and why I attached my grant to it.

The rollover funds are remnants from term 4.

That’s not strictly true, but it’s much closer than in fixed reward. If no LP is providing any liquidity on a single side, the pool has no one to payout to, so those funds roll over.

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I’ll put up a hash when assistantbot wakes up, but might as well start the voting now.

then, the “fixed” proposal is dropped?

Why isn’t possible to run a NBT/CNY ALP pool with a FC scheme?

Cause I don’t want to.

Vote for this if you want NuPond to continue operation. Vote for the motion if you want fixed cost. Vote for both if you want both (hint: vote for both).

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@CoinGame pin plz

So if both pass, you will run NuPond Term 5 under a FC regime, which would cost 550 NBT to Nu. 1)
If this motion is the only one to pass, it would cost 850 NBT to Nu. 2)

So 1) is cheaper.

If this passes, I run NBT/CNY and NBT/BTC. If the other passes, I will turn NBT/BTC into an FC pool.

One of these votes is a motion, the other is a grant. A motion costs the shareholders nothing. The grant costs the shareholders 850 NBT. There is no grant for 550 NBT, and I don’t intend on making one.

Please note the 550 is actually split into two line items in this grant, the total competitive grants with 450 and the current total operator fees for next term with 100 of the 150.

So those 550 NBT would come from the 850 NBT asked in this thread, correct?

450 of them would come from the 850, which also includes rollover, past operator funds, and NBT/CNT fixed reward. 100 of the 550 is operator fees due next month.

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Just to get it clear: this grant is for 30 days for 1150 NBT - 300 NBT (rollover) = 850 NBT. Correct?