[Passed] NuDroid upgrade v5 (April 2016)

Also note that the grant amount is split into multiple payments: 4,000 upfront, 8,000 after the first release (including upfront payment for the second release) which could be a couple of months afterwards, and 3,650 after the second release. The full amount wont be put on the market all at once. Details are in the proposal text: https://daology.org/proposals/b90d9bcdbaee28337bc017e605e21f4b40109c9d

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All right. I ll probably be voting after reviewing the terms.


Is Nudroid still download chain to my phone?

i cann’t copy my address as a receive

NuDroid doesn’t download the chain, just the headers. After upgrade even the headers won’t be loaded

Not sure if I understand the problem. There is by default only one address to receive funds on. There is no straightforward way to add other addresses. Moving the funds and creating a new wallet by deleting and redownloading the App is probably the easiest way. Don’t forget to make another backup!

It is not mentioned in the proposal, it seems.


BDroid6QBUXXt7QFD51BixZzmEgwmTBMNX , 16000

the 16K are paid in a single transfer.

Am I mistaken?

Please view the bottom of “OVERVIEW RELEASES, TIME AND COST” where it says “Proposed contractual payment schedule is as follows”. This shows the planned payments. The 16,000 is given to Cybnate as the custodian and then 15,650 is paid to myself in accordance to this release and payment schedule.

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You can copy a NuBits address with the following button, though note that it copies the entire URI.




should i wait for download all the block?

You can receive funds without full synchronisation, though you will have to wait for the synchronisation before your transaction shows as confirmed and you can spend the funds.

oh no…

i still have to download the block :joy:

Make sure you vote for the upgrade. No need to download all block headers any longer.

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This grant passed! It is exciting to see further investments in NuDroid.

I’ve just countersigned the contract and will transfer the first term of 4,000 NBT in next 24h. This will formally start the contract and with that the development for release 1.


Developer Matthew has started the work on NuBitsj and while he is busy for a while I like to share you a few ways you can use the NuDroid wallet for soon:

When you happen to live in the Swiss town of Zug you can pay for public services with NuDroid. It is a trial, but still.

When you happen to be a user of the popular Lastpass password manager you can settle for the paid accounts with NuDroid’s shapeshifted Bitcoin’s anytime soon. http://thebitcoinnews.com/password-manager-lastpass-hints-at-bitcoin-acceptance/

The gamers amongst us probably already know that popular service Steam also accepts NuDroid’s shapeshifted Bitcoins from the NuDroid wallet. http://www.pcmag.com/news/344114/steam-now-accepting-bitcoin

Unfortunately you all need to have a bit more patience as Shapeshift.io is still building on their infrastructure after the hacks and have yet to add back NuBits. The response I had upon querying them is that they couldn’t provide a timeline but that they will be supporting all coins supported before the hack. I’ve good hopes that they will have added back the NuBits coin before release 2 (receiving Bitcoins and others with NuDroid) will be ready to be tested.

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Update: Great news, just noticed that NuBits have been added back to Shapeshift.io. That means you can again pay everywhere Bitcoin is accepted with your NuDroid wallet.


Considering the recent downtime of Shapeshift I wonder how expensive an integration of Blocktrades would be.
Technically it should be possible similar to Shapeshift, but what do I know…
Having a conversion selector displaying the rates of both exchanges would be nice :wink:

From https://blocktrades.us/about

Based on that full API integration did cost 14k and latest updates to API are 7k, my guestimate would be somewhere in the middle say $10k depending on all the ‘nice’ features you want to have.

However I would recommend to eye for some kind of B&C integration as the next step as it would make NuDroid even more resilient, but I have to declare an interest as B&C shareholder here :slight_smile:
Henry suggested an integration with NuLagoon, but given it workings that might be a bit complex to make it seamless and user friendly. Maybe something for the next release? Like to hear opinions of others.

I would explore both first before looking into BlockTrades. We don’t know much about that company and who is behind it and whether they are still around next year. Just my views.

Quick update regarding development of release 1:

Changes have been merged from bitcoinj 0.13.6 into nubitsj. Modifying some elements for Nu and getting the unit tests working are now being progressed. After that the changes will be merged into NuDroid. After testing that, the work on the other changes for the first release commences.

See the details of the release here: https://daology.org/proposals/b90d9bcdbaee28337bc017e605e21f4b40109c9d

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I’ve almost finished the changes to nubitsj. There is just one bug that I need to fix. One of the things included with this nubitsj update is a module named wallettemplate which provides a template that developers can use to create wallet-based applications.