NuDroid integration with NuLagoon

@Cybnate , @MatthewLM,

Just want to gently suggest that it would be great to integrate NuLagoon Tube API into NuDroid. I believe the implement should be quite straightforward. The Tube will be more than happy to help if needed. Thank you.


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I moved your post to its own thread as I considered it off-topic under the original NuDroid v5 grant thread.

I think it is a good idea worth exploring. It requires some thoughts about how to deal with the current Shapeshift integration. Do we provide an interface to let people choose? Or do we default to the best price? This might be more complicated than it sounds.

Do you have API documentation for NuLagoon so we can have a look and start thinking of what it would require?

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One current issue is that NuLagoon doesn’t guarantee a trade price; the price is probably determined when an incoming transaction is noticed on the blockchain. Changin this will require some extra thinking.