[Passed] Motion to update NuExplorer with support for new currencies

The blockchain explorer hosted at https://nuexplorer.ddns.net doesn’t support the recent release of new currencies and the current code base is not very resilient. As a result of that the explorer is sometimes a couple of days behind and requires manual interventions beyond just restarting services. The new custodial grants are displayed incorrectly.

This motion proposes to make some fixes without overhauling the base code to extent the lifespan of this explorer. @Cybnate will be the custodian of the funds which will only be released in full after the work has been delivered.

The work will be completed by @2undroid at a cost of no more than 1,200 US-NBT. The custodial fee will be 50 US-NBT. An upfront payment of up to 33% of the estimated total may be agreed between @Cybnate and @2undroid.

The following requirements will be met on delivery:

  • The explorer status page will show information about the new currencies, in particular market price (in US$) and marketcap
  • Grants for the new currencies will be gracefully handled prohibiting the explorer to stop processing
  • Grants for EU-NBT, CN-NBT, X-NBT, JP-NBT and KR-NBT will be recognised as such on the ‘votes’ and ‘votes/success’ pages for grants.

The work meeting the above requirements will be delivered within 8 weeks after this motion has passed.
The NuShareholders pledge to transfer the funds to a custodial NBT address published by @Cybnate in the public forum within 3 days of the motion passing.

Please add the following in your client to support this motion:


Please use the gist here to verify.
Please include only the raw text and the top and bottom line to verify.

This motion is deliberately not submitted as a custodial grant. Unfortunately custodial grants triggers security measures halting trading on Bittrex at the moment. The Nu Team is still working to resolve this issue. Pending that a motion with a request to transfer funds from the liquidity reserves upon passing is requested.


Great initiative.
Very reasonable.
Tks @Cybnate .
Supporting it.

I support it.



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What about JP-NBT and KR-NBT ?

We don’t have a client supporting those yet. When that is released before the works starts there is a good chance I can include that. Will need the letter-codes for both too.

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Hello there,

adding new currencies will not be a problem in future, after we throw away old binary parser code and implement getting new blocks with rpc commands.

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Just submitted the motion in the OP for voting. Please add the above to your client to vote for it.


This is on the right track to pass. Motion is at 54%, but share days % still behind at 44%.
Please continue your support for this for a few more days so it can officially pass on share days too.

This motion has past:


getmotions 42145c5683b7aac2cef80d3b9dcec7dcf72a0425


“7283c71d2bddc3b71e2eb7cd0693e28e3665bf66” : {
“blocks” : 7129,
“block_percentage” : 71.29,
“sharedays” : 1928764325,
“shareday_percentage” : 71.05712289
It actually did a while ago, but is still strongly supported by the shareholders. I held back progressing this when we lost the peg. However I believe the explorer provided some good information which is now lacking or otherwise relatively hard to obtain. And with seeing some attempts to restore the peg I have confidence that this will eventually happen.

I’ve agreed with the developer that they would accept the equivalent in BTC to complete this work and are good to start with it. Therefore I post a BTC address here with the request to @jooize or @phoenix to transfer the equivalent of US1,200 in BTC (approx 0.18 BTC at time of writing)

The custodial BTC address for this is:



Just confirming the receipt of the 0.175 BTC. Reaching out to developer to make arrangements.

Unfortunately @undroid has notified me earlier that they are no longer in a position to deliver this work.
I have been unable to find another developer in the last few weeks and therefore I suggest to return the funds (0.175 BTC) back to Nu. Perhaps someone else can pick this up or let me know whether they are interested to deliver this work.