Nu Voting Hot List – Mar, 09 2018

Grant Proposals:

– SwAxnbPxbdd2JhR8K7xL4RkTvT5vEYF7aB, 300000000 : [Voting] NSR grant to Liquidity Operations


– 42145c5683b7aac2cef80d3b9dcec7dcf72a0425, [Voting] Motion to update NuExplorer with support for new currencies

Cold Voting List:

This thread is for motions and grants that were up for voting for longer than 30 days and have not been withdrawn or passed.


Great idea!
That’s a useful overview.

good post

@CoinGame can we pin this and unpin the other 6 posts?

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This would make voting much easier!

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Will you be adding a cold list underneath as well for motions or grants that haven’t passed after a certain timeframe?

When a cold list is necessary, I will make another thread. A motion or grant can only leave this list in one of 3 ways: it passes, it is withdrawn by the author, or it is placed on the cold list.

To be placed on the hot list, a motion or grant must pass a Turing ttes administered by me, in addition to other criteria. I.e. I reserve the right to not list what I consider a spam motion.


perhaps these post lists should be pinned instead of the actual motion-grant threads?

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Not sure if this is a good idea. The list is already old. There are a couple of mods, but only one Nagalim.
Or are the mods now supposed to edit Nagalim’s OP?

I don’t like it either but i’m willing to give it a shot for a day or two. I think what can be done is changing it to a “wiki” post so that anyone can edit it. Then mods and users can help to add/remove items if they’re of a certain user level. We’ll have a more permanent solution for organizing proposals very very soon.


where is nupond?

it is passed

Wow, the forum looks so much cleaner with this pinned now. It was feeling claustrophobic in here for a little bit there.

Can I make a suggestion? It would be much more helpful if the title could be updated every time there is a new addition to the thread, that way people will know there is something new to vote on. For example…

Voting Hot List - (Last Updated: 10/10/15)

In addition to the date in the title, a new post should be made in this thread every time there is an addition or removal of a voting thread.

I don’t really like reply spamming every change as this is not a datafeed. I like the title editing.

It’s not spamming if it serves the purpose of informing shareholders. Maybe removals can be left out, but at the very least additions should be posted. The date in the title can be glossed over, but it’s harder to ignore the blue new post notification that pops up.

I’ve changed this topic to a wiki post, and I’ve set wiki post editing to require a level 3 trust. Levels are automatically granted to users based on their time and participation on the board. Anyone who earns a level 3 trust will automatically be granted editing privilege.

Current users with level 3 trust are @nmei @dysconnect @Nagalim @zoro @seki @willy @crypto_coiner @cryptog @masterOfDisaster @mhps

We’ll see if this is enough people to keep this post managed well and updated, or if it erupts into a huge mess.


@Sentinelrv is level 3 as well but I can only mention 10 people per post.

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I didn’t realize this was possible. Discourse is amazing! :smiley: