[Passed] Motion to test shareholder response rate

Recently there has been less support for motions and custodial grants, most of which revolve around compensation for liquidity operations. There are two competing hypotheses that could explain this:

  1. Some shareholders believe too much money is currently being spent on liquidity operations, so they are reluctant to vote for any grants to fund liquidity operations, resulting in lower support for most of the recent motions and grants.

  2. Some shareholders are not paying attention and not configuring their vote any longer, either manually or via data feed.

This motion is designed to reveal which hypothesis is correct. If the first hypothesis is correct, we need to develop better specific proposals to limit liquidity operations expenses. If the second proves true, an entirely different response is needed to improve the ease of voting and perhaps even automate it more. A low rate of voting for this motion will support the second hypothesis, while a high rate of voting will support the first hypothesis.

Motion RIPEMD160 hash: 0940e0d267939f84c295731043dd6c95c005516a

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

This motion is intended as a test of shareholders’ readiness to actively configure their vote. No action will be taken directly as a result of its passage. All shareholders should vote for it, as it contains nothing controversial and not voting for it will demonstrate some degree of weakness in our voting system.

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Verify. Use everything between and including the <motionhash></motionhash> tags.

As is customary for motions, I have started it as a draft. Please indicate if you would like to see changes in the content. I will hash it in a couple days if there is no controversy over the content.

  1. a combination of all the above :wink:
    some times shareholders have no time for voting.
    some times shareholders don’t like to vote on something specific.
    we assume here that shareholders are “working” in NU part or full time
    every day :slight_smile:
    edit: i was a little exaggerating with “working” hours :smiley:

I think 1) is one reason.
2) could be one too since we have seen a decrease in minting difficulty recently.

But I think the main reason is the fact that we have seen a great number of motions recently, which has made tracking down and voting for motions more difficult than before.

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I am shareholder and right now not minting and not voting because I failed with Raspberry Pi setup (to be fair: I spent about 30minutes for this).Actually I expected that it would be simple like “download this file and click start.”.

In my world I see mobile application which is connected to my R Pi and where I can see current motions and set my vote in very comfortable but securely way.

And yes I know there are tutorials about minting on RPi but instead of doing tutorials lets make one-click app.

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I agree with @cryptog – it has become difficult in a reasonable short amount of time for me to track down each and every motion development, understand fully their contents before deciding my vote about them and withdraw them from my client once passed.

Perhaps funding liquidity pools 60 or 90 days at a time would reduce shareholder fatigue.


As would synchronizing them and giving lots of time for LP funding to pass (a la [Draft] Periodic 90 Day ALP Grant Competition) or creating a hot and cold motion/grant list (a la Forum clutter - pinned topics) or directly inserting them into the client (a la Auto-Populate Client Motions)

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Sam and I are trying to get a 60 day period in our current grant. It’s going slower than ever, but I am confident it will pass this week.

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Same for LiquidBits, the latest grant request is for 60 days.

On-topic: Supporting this, will be interesting to see. Although the minting rate is going up again indicating more potential awareness. Maybe it was just a late ‘Summer Holiday dip’.

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In my case it is the language problems, why I can not vote. The technical terms making no sense for me. I would prefer it if everything is translated. Or people like me could collect terms that you should translate. For example: Draft or Motion is for me the same like a proposal. And i dont understand, why i should give a vote for a proposal or something to discuss. It would take someone who knows exactly what is meant by the definition.

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This motion has been hashed and voting has begun:



This is an importabt test. This test howevery won’t catch votes from shareholders who pay attention but only vote when feeling they must.


0940e0d267939f84c295731043dd6c95c005516a verified and voted.


If you want this to have a better response then it should be posted to Nu’s Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, unless you only want to see who is paying attention to the main forum.

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Look at http://blockexplorer.nu/motions to see how the response already looks like…

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it has the same response as the current ALP grants!
it seems that most shareholders “follow” some “experts” in voting :wink:

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78 votes in the past 100 blocks.

The POS difficulty has increased a lot. If it is largely due to this motion, it means that
1 many shareholders don’t mint when they don’t vote.
2 many don’t vote often.