[Passed] Motion to test shareholder response rate

95 votes in the past 100 Blocks! At least 95% of the shareholder who mint know about this motion.

That’s not necessarily true. Statistical fluctuation is especially powerful when voters can choose to hold back their votes for extra ooph. Still, this motion has had over 80% support with a serious amount of consistency.

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It will be interesting to see what percentage this motion reaches after a week or two. A 95% response rate would be fantastic, whereas I think 80% would indicate that we have a significant block of apathetic voters who aren’t even willing to spend 15 seconds configuring a data feed.


Assuming all voting shareholders are voting now, according to current measurement there are 400 milliion shares mint or vote at all, and there are about 200 million minting shares (they may or may not vote).

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Whatever happened with this? I don’t see it listed in the voting sticky and I can’t find it on NuExplorer.

it passed :smile:
I got 80-95% shareholder participation.


the title should be edited to [passed]


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any conclusion drawn?

Shareholders are on top of things.

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no conclusions by me.
After this motion, all motions and grants are voted and passed !

200 m shares only come out to mint when they want to vote.

there are 270m shares minting, 1/3 of all distributed shares.