[Passed] Motion to join FLOT - jooize

I’m Esko, a shareholder of Nu. I have contributed a bit to Peercoin, and participate in Nu.

Because I feel unable to guarantee my availability within the 36 hours other applicants promise, I’ve adjusted it to 48 hours.

Read motion on Daology.

Motion hash (RIPEMD-160) is calculated by Daology, but you should verify to be certain of its validity.


  • Use curl and openssl in a terminal shell:
    curl https://daology.org/proposals/f72c5c1b07b2d04412a8de6610b3e4f5eb930211/raw | openssl rmd160

  • Use PowerShell in Windows:
    &{ PARAM($HashAlgorithm, $Uri) [string]::Join("", ( ( [Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm]::Create( $HashAlgorithm ).ComputeHash( [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Uri | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Content)) ) ) | ForEach { "{0:x2}" -f $_ } )) } RIPEMD160 https://daology.org/proposals/f72c5c1b07b2d04412a8de6610b3e4f5eb930211/raw

  • Copy–paste the whole raw motion into one or more online services.

Hash (RIPEMD-160): 7345b8fdb4812ba346a267a1bb2bc7507e66fe75


I don’t think that is necessary. US minimum wage isn’t an accurate measurement of the worth of FLOT members’ time anyway. Actually I think teh payment is best given in Nushares.

Okay, thanks. I would take NuShares for payment, but perhaps best at the moment is to reduce complexity among the FLOT applicant motions? Are you also addressing my increase in maximum response time?

I won’t vote for anyone who is requesting NuShares. I prefer if members receive NuBits as payment and then use them to purchase NuShares on the open market. Looking forward to seeing this motion hashed.

I did an experiment a short time ago and I highly suggest you use nbt as payment rather than nsr if you want it to pass.

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Reasonable to me. I will publish it tomorrow, awaiting a small update to Daology.

Is that because Nu issued too many shares?

I don’t think we sold too many NSR at all. Most of us here have a healthy stake in the network. As a selfish shareholder though, I prefer retaining as high of a percentage of the network as possible. I won’t support share dilution in any scenario except peg maintenance. This is also why I’m pleased with the current buybacks that are taking place; every week my equity ownership percentage of Nu increases, just like all other long-term shareholders.

I think we should be using our own product (NBT) when it is perfect for paying contributors in a stable value. Paying in NSR could lead to jealousy (if the fixed NSR rate becomes lucrative for contributors) or abandonment of dutes (if the fixed NSR rate doesn’t become appealing enough for contributors to continue their duties).


This is about peg maintenance.

The same can be said to NBT. Some asked for no compensation argh :wink:

To me printing NBT to pay for goods and service is a slippery slope to fiscal indiscipline; paying in NSR leads shareholder to be conscious of personal cost and appreciative to the goods and service, for the reasons you said.

But at the end of the day, NBT and NSR are the same thing.

Since payment grant request will probably be approved individually just like this motion to join, asking of compensation in NSR shouldn’t add more administrative overhead than in NBT.

Yes I was.

I agree, and would have no problem giving NSR grants at a reasonable price over NBT grants. However, I basically proved via vote that shareholders would rather give NBT than NSR even if the chosen price is beneficial to shareholders. Go figure.

Ideas take time to sink in.

Incidentally paying NBT does give an incentive to the FLOT to defend 1 NBT = $1 when buy side is low – because if 1 NBT < $1, they get paid less :smile:

What do you mean by that? Isn’t it important that I only apply on terms I’m confident being able to uphold?

I might be unclear. What I mean is that there is no need to reduce compensation if your max response time only increase so little. The compensation is a token. There are many aspects of quality of service.


7345b8fdb4812ba346a267a1bb2bc7507e66fe75 voted.

Thanks for your proposal. Straight forward, no frills motion. Good with the 48 hours response time.
Adding to my datafeed.


7345b8fdb4812ba346a267a1bb2bc7507e66fe75" : {
“blocks” : 5025,
“block_percentage” : 50.25,
“sharedays” : 1502619238,
“shareday_percentage” : 51.50482468


Thank you!

I will do my best to deliver according to shareholder expectations in the mission as a member of First Liquidity Operations Team.