[Passed] Implement South Korean and Japanese NuBits

Japan and South Korea are technologically interested demographics. We can offer the stability of NuBits and their fiat currencies on our blockchain. There is no bitKRW or bitJPY, and Tether hasn’t begun issuing JPYt.

Availability of initial characters for NuBit addresses is limited, and may run scarce eventually. We’re using B, Y, E, X, and S. Changing this legacy would have to be part of an organized future effort.

  • W for South Korean won, KRW, ₩.
  • J for Japanese yen, JPY, ¥. Y is used for Chinese NuBits (CNNBT/CNY)

Using ISO 3166 as reference and staying consistent, they will be KRNBT and JPNBT.

  • South Korean NuBits (KRNBT), Wh4LvkkQQSEjQfPmqEYB6PkL2SqmC1W43E
  • Japanese NuBits (JPNBT), JS6EAjD64dULs7rqhixxz7k6fTJtYjPKWb

Department of Liquidity Operations has been developed to the point that maintenance of additional currencies is possible. We believe NuBits should issue these currencies and consider others. Marketing of them is a job for professionals, either by new hires or a marketing firm. A budget proposal can get that started. I will advance one myself.


Great initiative. Japan is one of the largest crypto markets in the world. btc/jpy is one of the most traded fiat pairs for btc. Also there are at least 2 JPY pegs efforts in Japan though they are rather centralized, probably for legal reasons. So Japanese traders would definitively welcome a Japanese Nubits. But it would need some promotion ans marketing. I could definitively help on that front.


I had initiated the discussion regarding supporting South Korean NuBits and Japanese NuBits within Liquidity Operations, and am very glad to see Esko taking the initiative to move it forward.

The effort has my strongest support.



What would be the hash of this motion?

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Good question.

This motion can be found at GitHub. To verify the RIPEMD-160 hash, the GitHub version should be copied using a RIPEMD-160 calculator like Browserling.

Motion hash to be placed in the Nu client: f23156b160281b5150a950cfcfca81c4d677136a


This passed.

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