[Passed] Custodian grant to get NBT added on CoinPayments

To all Shareholders, this is a custodian grant request.

Nu gives a huge advantage to merchants that wants to accept crypto-currency payments without being exposed to BTC volatility. However, to date, there are no payment processors that makes accepting NBT an easy option for merchant (I do not consider shapeshift a payment processor).
CoinPayments.net provides a reliable and solid infrastructure for merchants that wished to accept altcoin payments, including merchants tools and plugins integration for ecommerce.

Now that NuBits is open source, we can get it added to their platform for a 500 NBT fee. If shareholders vote the proposed amount, I will take care of handling the payments and communication for a fee of 50NBT.

#Voting details:

Custodian Address : BLMMdCqZYZSj48e8dZLci5kK7h7iMPrJ36
Amount : 550 NBT

If elected, I will personally take care of it and report here.

#Future Commitment:
In the meantime the community should start preparing a template email to send over to merchants persuading them to add the NBT option. We can start targeting shops that are already on coinpayments. We need to build volume, since we are subject to the following condition :

All Coins are subject to delisting upon 90days if minimum monthly volume is below $5,000usd.

If we are approaching the day 90 and we didn’t manage to get to the target-volume, I will submit another custodian grant request to shareholders of 250 NBT to buy us an extra three months :

Requested extensions can be purchased for $250usd for an additional 90days.

Thanks for the attention :wink:



Will definitively vote yes.


I guess this option is no longer available?

we tried it and didn’t worked out

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OK - will vote then for that grant

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Some shareholders is voting for the wrong amount (500), vs the correct amount (550). Please double check in the client you are entering 550, or your vote will be wasted. Thanks

"BLMMdCqZYZSj48e8dZLci5kK7h7iMPrJ36" : {
"500.00" : {
"blocks" : 5,
"block_percentage" : 0.05,
"sharedays" : 1312815,
"shareday_percentage" : 0.03431014
"550.00" : {
"blocks" : 310,
"block_percentage" : 3.1,
"sharedays" : 134825166,
"shareday_percentage" : 3.52362663
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Interesting - how did you print that out?

you can open the debug window in your client and type getcustodianvotes

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how is this going @assistant custodian vote BLMMdCqZYZSj48e8dZLci5kK7h7iMPrJ36

Hi @desrever

Here are the details for the Custodian Vote on BLMMdCqZYZSj48e8dZLci5kK7h7iMPrJ36:

###550.00 NBT.
Blocks: 2564 (25.640000%)
Share Days: 1169262968 (29.546672%)

###500.00 NBT.
Blocks: 37 (0.370000%)
Share Days: 9306329 (0.235166%)

it passed.

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Hi @desrever

Here are the details for the Custodian Vote on BLMMdCqZYZSj48e8dZLci5kK7h7iMPrJ36:

###550.00 NBT.
Blocks: 5283 (52.830000%)
Share Days: 2299656682 (55.757054%)

###500.00 NBT.
Blocks: 79 (0.790000%)
Share Days: 21459791 (0.520310%)

Passed and funds received. I will speed up the process as much as I can. Thanks for voting this.

It is very important now to prepare that email template I proposed to send out to merchants. Can someone with better writing/marketing/sales skills prepare that? I can then send it out!


Update : 500 USD payment sent to cp : here is the 511.5351 NBT TX to shapeshift that resulted in a 2.227216 BTC payment to coinpayments

Waiting for confirmation from their staff

update from cp

I saw your message and payment. Our dev will get on it first thing in the morning.

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https://www.coinpayments.net/supported-coins :dancebanana:

Will post a tutorial later today and make a proper announcement.This is big news for merchant.

I also love the ‘auto-convert’ feature that allows merchant to accept BTC and other cryptos and auto-convert it to NBT :nbt: to avoid being exposed to volatility.

This is something that can drive adoption, but needs a proper sales/marketing effort outside this forum. If you want to see the value of your :nsr: shares raise, you should invest time in this, it will be rewarded. It is the third time I say I need someone to help and no-one steps in.
Please do not get into the downward spiral of “waiting for a saviour to fix everything” and participate to the ecosystem, now.


Seconded. As shareholders in a DAO it is within all of our power (and interest) to actively push, develop and shape Nu.

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Good job ! Chinese community and you work together @desrever

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With services like coinpayments the merchant can accept any coin they find most relevant to their interest and customers can pay with pretty much anything they like, right? For us, this is a very good tendency because clearly NBT is above all the others. So far it has been the problem that potential customers don’t hold nubits so accepting nubits payments was harder for merchants. Now all we must do is to introduce the concept of nubits to all merchants and with the help of services such as coinpayments they can easily start accepting nubits instead of bitcoins or whatever used to be their coin of choice.


What kind of person are you looking for?