[Passed] Compensation for Bitcoin.co.id LPC operation


I kept postponing this on and on due to the busy time with the pool development and Henrys proposal just reminded me that I also still get my reward for my LPC operation on bitcoin.co.id described here:


Information about the trading activity can be found here: Proposal: Small dual-side liquidity for currently uncovered pair

In the original grant I asked for 10% on a BTC pair. 1 NBT was already paid in the initial grant, therefore I would like to ask you to add the following grant about 499 NBT to your voting:

B6BqkZdb79W2CT79o84j1pqnhs1R3w3QsB , 499 NBT

Be assured that everything will go into NSR since the whole operation was intended to understand the overall custodianship process and I anyway was asking for NSR in the first place.

Thank you in advance.



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The comments I made in another thread are just as relevant to this original post to compensate creon (just substitute Nu Lagoon for creon):


Will vote for it.


Actually, I think there’s a big difference between the 2 situations.
In henry’s compensation case, a motion provisions shareholders to grant him a compensation.
In creon’s compensation case, the primitive is a custodial grant, not a motion.
Legally speaking, the enforcement of no further action ensues from that point on.

However, creon operation was successful and must be rewarded according to the conditions under which shareholders knowingly provided the 1st part of the grant (1NBT) back in Jan’.

So, it is highly reasonable that shareholders should vote for this grant to complete the compensation (499 NBT)



The grant passed on block 319835. Voting took 6602 blocks. Thank you!


The title of the OP should be edited to [passed] btw.