[Passed] 2,000,000 USNBT Grant for Liquidity Operations

Request: 2000000 USNBT
Address: BGqZQzNyevJXCopAD3NtFZuPweZ3TKM76K

Liquidity Operations will at current rate soon need more USNBT to meet demand.


I have been actively negotiating mutlsig signer contracts recently so that single sig liquidity operations requests will no longer be necessary. Putting funds under multisig control is a high priority for me, and we are very close to making it a reality. Care must be taken in light of our history of having lost more than 90% of our market cap from failed multisig signer groups.

We need additional USNBT very urgently, so an additional request cannot wait while I take the final steps to prepare multisig groups. I asked jooize to make this request. It has my full endorsement and support.

It is important that we pass it quickly, to ensure US NuBits do not rise above $1 in price.


Will support this without much thought. Only wondered whether it is time to inform CMC about the number of NBT in circulation. Isn’t that higher than 900 something thousand? Or are you only counting for this purpose what has been sold, not what is on the exchange?

will vote for this as well.

PS: I am planning to revive my feeds.

In the last 500 blocks, this grant has enjoyed a stunning 88% support. It means that despite not having quite revived common use of data feeds, we still have a very low rate of inattentive minters.

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This passed.