[Passed] 1,000,000 EUNBT for Liquidity Operations

Asset: EUNBT
Address: EnTE8hbPxYnUaXJJafvuFN7hUwwiTcq78H
Amount: 1000000

For the new European NuBits pegged to the euro, Liquidity Operations needs an EUNBT sales reserve so liquidity can be offered as soon an exchange listing exists.

Request is to a multisig address.

We’re able to pay a reasonable listing fee, and may offer a reward for acquiring a listing if you CC liquidity@nubits.com your exchange correspondence. Message us first.


Supporting this grant.

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This is a 2 of 4 multisig address, with each signer formally agreeing to abide by all applicable policies and procedures Liquidity Operations has in place.

It is a standard Liquidity Operations grant.

Obviously, I support it.

This passed