Paper wallets for NuBits/NuShares

Over at, there is presently a proposal to do a video on paper wallets. That made me wonder, are NuBits and NuShares (one day) expected to have paper wallets? If so, will they have “cold minting”, as peercoin is expected to?

You can already create offline/hardware/paper wallets for NuBits and NuShares!

Using NuBippy.

You can safely store NuBits or NuShares offline. You can thank @woolly_sammoth for this bit of awesomesauce.

I’m not sure about the cold minting. @sigmike is on the Peercoin and Nu team, so I imagine if there’s some benefits provided for Peercoin it will be ported back over to Nu (and vice versa)


Is there any way to import (i.e decrypt) easily a BIP0038 NuShares private key into the wallet, with NuBippy or other tools?