Paper wallet


Is there any reliable website we can generate paper wallet for nubits?


This thread: Secure Paper Wallet of NSR/NBT


I’ve listed some options for paper wallets below but I would say that your first thought should be to park the NuBits in the wallet daemon. You help the network by taking some NuBits out of circulation for a while and could earn some interest too.
If you do want a paper wallet, an option not listed in the link given by Cryptog would be CoinToolKit which can be cloned and run locally.
I did develop NuBippy which does BIP38 encryption and vanity addresses too but I’ve not touched it for a while. I would advise testing small amounts with any address generated by either method before loading a paper wallet.


Any tutorial for how to park nubits? What’s % of interest rate in such case?


“You can use this tool without having to be online”.


Just choose the quantity of US-NBT you want to park for a specific time frame.
For each time frame, you have an interest rate.
Be careful. This interest rate is annualized.
Currently it s hovering over 0.4% globally. Not a good time for parking I think.