Opening for Senior QA Developer

The number of people putting serious effort into improving our network continues to grow, which is exciting to see. I would like to expand that further by announcing an opening for a Senior QA Developer.

Senior QA Developer
This position will be driving our transition to test driven development by developing automated tests to match specifications. In a sense, this is a specialized development or coding position. Currently, automated tests are written in C++ but I’m open to using new tools for this and wouldn’t claim to be aware of what the state of the art testing tool kits are. That will be your responsibility. Compensation will be hourly, ranging from 50 NBT to 80 NBT, depending on experience.

Demonstration of competence, motivation and trustworthiness are paramount concerns to me in hiring for these position. Nothing else really matters. I don’t care what your real name is, what country or time zone you live in, or when you work. Most likely, successful candidates will be able to demonstrate their passion for developing peer to peer solutions with past work.

If interested send me a Bitmessage at BM-2cXS5ezep1jUqeu8CwC6M4aTmMSxcFEHNN or email me at


Just curious, is this about growing the team or replacing others. Or maybe a bit of both?

It is certainly about expanding the team. Nu has an incredible team of professionals working for it who are phenomenally motivated. I’ve never seen anything like it. Not your average corporate environment, for sure. Our team is very productive and I’m not considering replacing anyone.


Unit tests are written in C++ but functional tests are written with Cucumber (and the step definitions are in Ruby).

We now have a Jobs page live on our website with these positions:


I’m proud to be able to announce that Giannis Dzegoutanis has joined the team as a Senior Core Developer.

He is best known in this community for the Coinomi wallet, the first Android wallet to support NuBits and NuShares. He brings a wealth of experience developing decentralized finance applications and a great entrepreneurial spirit.

He will be working most closely with sigmike to bring the community innovations in our reference client. The first of these will be protocol voting, intended for release in version 0.6.0.

I will change the original post to only advertise for the Senior QA Developer position.


yeeeeeees ! This is AWESOME!

Welcome @erasmospunk

Welcome to the Nu team Giannis!

Great News! Welcome Giannis.

I’m impressed to see how Nu with its amazing vision, development team, community and success is able to attract people and developers to continue (or even speed up) the success story.

Welcome @erasmospunk!

One day Nu might be able to remove some more shackles from people who suffer from banking regulations or don’t have access to bank accounts at all!
This day might come soon, thanks to all efforts!

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Hello all,

I am happy to be part of the team, thank you for the warm welcome!

While developing the Coinomi wallet I saw the need of having a stable/fiat-pegged store of value that is also a cryptocurrency. I was even thinking of creating a reserve “bank” that issues tokens on CounterParty but the regulations and the centralization risk for my users were not worth it, so I gave up the idea. Until I stumbled on an article about NuBits in October and saw an elegant solution for my wallet, where users keep their own private keys.

There are third-party services that try to solve the same issue but require trusting them. There are also crypto-currencies that do the same but require payment of fees in different currencies or set-up complex trust relationships. Even though I respect what they do, I like the simplicity of Nu’s front-end currency, 1NBT = 1USD and you pay 1 cent for a transaction (most of the times). This is good for people to actually use it and in the long term stabilize further the price without NuBot.

Some things that I would like to see in the mid-term:

  • Euro and Yuan currencies.
  • Third-party services that allow the exchange of USD <-> NuBits via a simple bank transfer and NuBits -> CreditCards/PayPal or other local payment networks. For example paying utility bills with crypto-currencies.
  • Open sourcing of NuBits. This I think will have a positive effect on the trust front.
  • Cross chain peer-to-peer exchanging, for example the highest volume pair of BTC vs USD/NBT. It is possible but there are no user interfaces. This could even allow the creation of trust-less payment processors!

As we set sail for this voyage, let’s hope it is a long one, full of adventures, full of knowledge.



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I have edited the OP to add our Senior Java Developer position for NuBot. This should allow us to provide liquidity to a great many markets and our goal of becoming the currency people use to trade in and out of cryptoassets.

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Its with pleasure that we can announce we have filled the Java role.

@benjyz is actively working on NuBot since yesterday and will make a great contribution to the team. You will get to know him better in the future.

Welcome onboard :wink: I invite you to write down a couple of lines of introduction here -> Introduce yourself to the community

@JordanLee can you edit the OP?


Nice to have you on the project @benjyz ! I have removed the job posting from

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I’m very excited to have @benjyz on the team. He has done great work in the NXT community, which you can get a taste of here:'s-topic

He brings well developed Java skills along with demonstrated motivation and passion for decentralized finance. He is just the sort of person I was hoping we could attract to the position.

This means we have @woolly_sammoth, @desrever and @benjyz all dedicated to NuBot development with @pennybreaker dedicated to QA for NuBot. It is very important to our solution and receives more resources at this point than our reference client. The improvements we will see in the coming months in liquidity provision as a result of this focus will take NuBits to the next level of success, adoption and recognition.


Glad to see @benjyz join the team! It really is exciting to see all the highly skilled talent that is being drawn to Nu from all different parts of the crypto community, allowing us to innovate even faster. It brings me even more confidence in knowing that these individuals saw enough long-term potential in Nu to be part of its team in the early days.

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Nice to hear. I would be curious to know the reasons why @benjyz left for Nu. :sunglasses:

i guess he needed something nu to work in :stuck_out_tongue:

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